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The Emperor’s New Art

Emperor's new art

A piece of art consisting of a canvas painted blue with a white line down the middle sold at auction for $44 million. Let that settle in for a minute. Something that took half the skill of the average house painter sold for more money than most people will ever see in their life.

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What if Lovecraft invaded other movies and shows?

The ALF of Ulthar

After making the Book of R’lyeh image, I thought it would be fun to imagine what it would be like if Lovecraft’s work found its way into other movies and shows. For instance, just imagine Gordon Shumway’s surprise when he discovers the truth behind this city full of cats.

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The Book of R’lyeh

The Book of Ryleh

The Book of Eli is a movie about a guy named Eli, who has to take a book across the country at the behest of the voice he hears. (Some spoilers after the jump)

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Facebook isn’t inspirational

Inspiration 01

I keep seeing these stupid inspirational quotes and memes on Facebook, and nothing makes me happier than pointing out how each one is wrong…

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Dave Brockie dies at 50

RIP Dave Brockie

The world is a brighter place today. Created eons ago by the Master, the Scumdogs of the Universe, led by Oderus Urungus, have caused war, chaos, and death to spread across the galaxy. And while they may have saved us from the Master, most of their time was spent sacrificing virgins to the World Maggot and having sex with what ever they could find. We can only hope that without their leader, the Scumdogs fall apart and leave us alone!

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Friday the 13th: Jason Takes the Highlands

Jason Takes the Highlands

Over the years, we’ve seen Jason Voorhees kill, seemingly be killed, and then rise to kill again, with little to know explanation as to why. But I think I’ve figured it out.

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This is why I can’t have nice things…


Noticed I screwed up the permalinks for my site after updating a few things on the back end. I fixed it, then realized I that I actually broke them a while ago, and Google indexed all the incorrect links. This means if you came here from a Google search, or a link someone else posted in the last month or so, you probably didn’t find what you wanted. I’m hoping that Google re-indexes the right links in a timely fashion, but in the mean time, I’ll link a few of the more popular pages here:


If you’re looking for something not on that list, feel free to use the search box, it’s quite good at finding things for you.

What’s up with UVB-76?

UVB-76 Rick Roll

Since the 70′s UVB-76 was a short wave radio station that would constantly play a buzzing sound, but at random times, it the buzzing may stop, and you would be greeted to people talking, or maybe some morse code. Yesterday, we were greeted by something a little unexpected though.

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Little Big – With Russia From Love

Little Big - With Russia From Love Album Cover

The Little Big have dropped their first album and released a video for the title track. See the video below, buy the album here.

Still not convinced, check out their other videos after the jump.

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Missing flight 370

Psychic Tila

Everybody is trying to find the missing Malaysian Flight 370. I think more countries have joined in the search than fought in the last world war.

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