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80% Lower Receivers by 2nd AM Arms

2nd am armsThe government requires that the lower receiver of a rifle be registered and maintain a serial number, even if sold separately from every other part of a rifle. The lower receiver by itself is viewed as a firearm by Uncle Sam. 2nd AM Arms has a novel idea to get around this, and possibly even future restrictions on “Assault Weapons,” they’re only selling you an 80% complete AR-15 lower receiver.

They provide detailed instructions on how to complete the final 20% of the work on the lower receiver. You’ll then need to put together the rest of the firearm, but once you do, you’ll have a perfectly working firearm.

They are using crowd funding site Rockethub to fund their campaign, and while they’ve currently met their goal, you can still get in on the action. For $5, they’ll send a copy of the 2nd amendment to Obama and Feinstein, along with this note:

“Not only will you not be allowed to take away our rights but your attempt at creating a ban has put one more gun into the hands of a responsible citizen. So, thank you. Signed, [Your Name Here]”

Higher contributions will of course get you one or more¬†lower receivers, they’ll even include the text of the second amendment on them for you.

<UPDATE>They’ve got a new Rockethub campaign, so head over there and help them out</UPDATE>

Combine this with the work Defense Distributed is doing on 3D printing pretty much all aspects of a firearm, and it looks like any proposed “Assault Weapons” ban is going to have a very tough time indeed.

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