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Jim Carey You may remember Jim Carrey from those movies that you used to find hilarious, or from that picture of him in a women’s bathing suit with his then significant other Jenny McCarthy, and probably not much else in recent years. That was until it was announced that he would be starring in Kick-Ass 2 as gun toting vigilante Colonel Stars and Stripes. Who wouldn’t want to see this former funny man as a crazy super hero. It worked with Nick Cage, so why not Jim Carey?

Well, one reason some people may not be excited, would be that a lot of people don’t think he’s that funny anymore. What was the last good movie that he was in?

The other reason, would be this video:

It would appear that gun owners take offense when we are referred to as having small dicks, or being called heartless motherfuckers.

It appears that Jim is fine with glorifying gun violence in his movies, but is against gun ownership for the average citizen. It’s fine for people who can afford an armed bodyguard like him, but if you can’t, well, I guess you’re life just isn’t important.

I’m just a normal guy, why would I need a bodyguard? It’s not like there are knife wielding maniacs at the local Target. What’s that? You say that there was one there Monday? I guess Mr. Carrey would consider me a heartless motherfucker because I don’t want to get stabbed…

When very real and valid threats against the life of my girlfriend and myself were relayed to us by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, I guess I was just a heartless motherfucker with a small dick for advising my girlfriend where the guns are and how to use them should the need arise.

Of course, this could all just be a joke that people are blowing way out of proportion since it’s the internet, and that’s what we do here.

If you still like Mr. Carrey, you can boy this autographed photo on Ebay:


The owner is selling it for money to buy a gun to defend his family after there was a break in. I guess the other option would be for Jim Carrey to give this guy enough autographed pictures to be able to afford his own armed bodyguard.

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