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Barack Cobrama?

Barack Serpentor

Did I wake up in the middle of a mediocre G.I.Joe sequel?

Is it just me, or does our president have a lot in common with certain leaders of evil organizations in the cartoons I watched growing up? I’m not saying that he’s trying to take over the world (this time…) I’m more looking at the fact that every person he puts under him is completely inept, yet he refuses to realize this and do anything about it.

Think about it. Cobra Commander had a whole group of evil officers, but did any of them ever actually do anything right? Were any of them ever successful? When every single one of their schemes went wrong, did Cobra Commander step back and think about fixing Cobra? Did he ever for once think that any of the issues could be his fault? Cobra troopers can’t hit the broad side of a barn, did he ever consider that maybe he should shop around for more accurate guns instead of just buying from Destro? Did he ever think that using a gang of biker rejects as his special forces was a bad idea? Did he ever, even once, have the slightest twinkling of an idea that perhaps his style of leadership wasn’t working and that he has put together the worst team ever?

Of course not, he blamed everybody else for not completing his perfect plans correctly. It is never Cobra Commander’s (or later Serpentor’s) fault.

Now look at our current president. Has he stepped up and taken responsibility for any of the scandals that have occurred? Has admitted that maybe what he has done was wrong?

Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Spying on our allies and citizens? Soylyndra? IRS scandals? All can be traced to top people in his administration.

Top People.

Top People.

At some point, shouldn’t he take a look and ask himself why the hell he hired all these people? Maybe slow down and try to figure out why shit keeps going wrong and fix it instead of just moving on to the next hair brained scheme?

There’s really only two differences that I can see between our President and the Leadership of Cobra:

Cobra Commander always expected his minions to fail. He never planned around it or tried to stop it, he just got ready to berate them when they returned as failures. Obama can’t seem to realize that anything is wrong until after the public finds out first. It’s like he never talks to the people under him. Just gives them a job, and then heads off to play golf.

The other difference? Obama’s minions seem to be willing to take the blame for their boss. Hillary said that Benghazi was her fault, and Sebelius took the blame for the broken website. That’s something Destro never would have done without a gun to his head.