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Boobs and Auto-Tune do not make good music…

I have no idea who Courtney Stodden is outside of the fact that she tends to wear bikinis, and then people take pictures of her, and those pictures show up on the different blogs I follow. She appears to just be famous for having boobs. It would appear she is trying to spin having boobs into some kind of music career. She isn’t the first, but she is close to being the worst.

Here’s another video by someone whose claim to fame is “boobs”. Both of these women seem to think that boobs and an excessive use of Auto Tune will make up for any lack of vocal talent.

I can understand the appeal of a career in music. I can also understand wanting to be famous for something other than “boobs”, but wouldn’t it be better to maybe find something you are good at? Maybe get a cooking show or do some home make overs or something? Do you really think that you’ll be able to start a career in music with the equivalent of a non jailbait “Friday“?

It could be worse I guess. I mean, at least they didn’t sleep with a murderer to produce their albums.

Rihanna also put out a new video, I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, and in fact, the only reason that I know it exists is because of this bitching karaoke rendition performed by Vin Diesel