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Can you tell the difference

A 911 call was made from a Wal-Mart in Beavercreek, Ohio. The caller stated that a man had a rifle, and was pointing it at people and kids. Police responded, and when they confronted him, they fired upon him quickly when they say he started to raise the rifle he was carrying. Afterwards, it was found that the firearm was actually a pellet gun, not the deadly weapon that the police feared. The 911 caller also admitted that he lied about what he saw on the call. It’s a terrible mess. But there are a couple of things I would like to set straight.

First, when the cops arrived, they were expecting a shooter, not someone with a toy. They were told that there was a crazy person aiming at children, not some kid posing in front of a mirror.

Second, many people bring up that Ohio is an open carry state, and as such, the police shouldn’t have tried to stop him, essentially throwing the open carry gun nuts rhetoric back at them.  Unfortunately, to open carry a long arm, you have to do so in a non threatening manner.  This means you have to carry it slung over your back, or holding it over your shoulder.  You do not hold it in the manner that Crawford is holding it.  He was holding it by the part that makes it shoot, and swinging it around a bit.  Anybody open carrying a rifle like this would be stopped, and quite probably arrested.  It should be noted that Ohio does have brandishing laws also, so if this were a real gun, it would definitely be illegal.  Hell, in some states, even doing this with a pellet gun is considered brandishing and can get you jail time.

Third, I see a bunch of people suggesting that they should shoot for the knee or some other such non lethal extremity.  This is something that comes from watching too many Hollywood movies.  You don’t shoot for the leg.  You don’t try to shoot the gun out of someone’s hand.  You aim for center mass, it’s the largest part of the body, and it’s a guaranteed hit.  Aim for a leg, and you are probably going to miss, and if you do hit, there is a greater chance of hitting something like the femoral artery, which is also a death sentence.

Fourth, this “toy” gun wasn’t picked up in the toy department, he got it in sporting goods.  You know, the same department that they sell real rifles.  Take a look in the video, when he gets the gun off the shelf, it’s right next to the display cases of rifles and shotguns.  Likewise, the model of pellet gun that he was holding is one that is designed to be extremely realistic.  If you saw someone holding one, you’d be hard pressed to identify if it’s real or fake.

In fact, let’s play a game here.  Below are a series of pictures of firearms and pellet guns.  I want you to look at each one for less than a second and decide if it’s an actual firearm, or a pellet gun.  Remember, someone is raising it at you, do you fire in defense, or just tell him to stop playing?  Are you about to die, or is it just a bad joke?

Is this a real or fake gun 01

Is this a real or fake gun 02

Is this a real or fake gun 03


Is this a real or fake gun 06

Is this a real or fake gun 07

Is this a real or fake gun 08

Is this a real or fake gun 09

Is this a real or fake gun 11

Is this a real or fake gun 12

Is this a real or fake gun 13

Is this a real or fake gun 14

Is this a real or fake gun 15

Is this a real or fake gun 16Is this a real or fake gun 17

Is this a real or fake gun 18

Is this a real or fake gun 10


This isn’t a trick question.  Some of these are real firearms, others are realistic looking pellet guns.  Included in this list is the same pellet gun that Crawford was carrying.  Can you find it?

Lastly, here’s another copy of the above video, this one has the full 911 call attached to it.

I’ve heard people say that the cops shot Crawford unannounced. Watch the video. You can clearly hear the cops shouting, Crawford turns, and while doing so, the gun starts to rise. Was this an unintentional movement made while turning quickly? Yeah, probably. But let’s get out of the armchair and hop back into the cops shoes. Forget everything you know about what happened. You have a split second to decide if this guy is raising a gun to shoot your or not. Could you pick out all the fake guns above? Do you think you would fare any better at the end of the aisle where the cop was?

If you are going to be pissed at someone, be pissed at the douche that lied on the 911 call.