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Caramel, Chocolate, and Bacon Apple

Caramel And Chocolate and Bacon dipped apple01 (1024x768)

My girlfriend’s sister got me one of the most awesome presents. It’s an apple, dipped in caramel, then dipped in chocolate, then dipped in bacon. I’m going to eat it now with a little hot cider that I made in our new Keurig (that I then poured rum into). Tonight is a good time to relax, because tomorrow, starts with cleaning, the progresses into moving incredibly kitchen island we got up the stairs, followed by putting it together. At least my ears will be kept warm by my new hand knitted Finn hat.

Caramel And Chocolate and Bacon dipped apple02 (1024x768)

Caramel And Chocolate and Bacon dipped apple03 (1024x768)

  • Yummy

  • unfortunately bacon goes well with most foods you wouldn’t normally see bacon added with. e.g. peanut butter and bacon sandwich, vanilla bacon bits ice cream or with italian gelato. yep, bacon will kill me yet. i love me some bacon strips son.