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Carnegie Science Center

If there was one thing that Andrew Carnegie was good at, it’s making steel.  If there were two things that he was good at, it was making steel, and hiding away in Scotland while Frick was causing riots.  But if there were three things, they would be the two above, and having some awesome museums named after him.

There is a lot here. There’s an Omnimax theater that’s currently showing The Polar Express as well as other science and educational movies, laser shows, aquariums, Tesla coils, cooking shows, a science arcade, robots that play foosball, a huge model train village, a submarine, a separate building just for sports. When I say that there is something for everybody here, I mean it.

One of the main things that they have, is the worlds largest permanent robotics exhibit. There is a whole floor dedicated to just robots.

One of those robots is this guy, who will recreate what ever you draw on the accompanying computer on his little rotating canvas:

I thought it would have been hilarious to have it draw a penis, but those sorts of things are apparently frowned upon…

There is also a robot that will say what ever you want it to say as long as you can get the touch screen to work right.

I would have liked to have had it recite the demon resurrection passages from the Book of the Dead, but they also tend to frown on having the children become possessed by a Kandarian demon. Also, the touch screen wasn’t that good.

It’s a lot of fun and a great place to bring kids. There is seriously something for everybody here.

As usual, she took a lot more pictures than I did, and you can see them all here.