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Rein[Forced] Diagnosed with Pre Existing Conditions

Reinforced - Diagnosed with pre-existing conditions

Pittsburgh’s own electro industrial duo Rein[forced] is putting out a two disc remix album featuring the mixes from the likes of Panic Lift, Wade Alin (Atomica Project/Christ Analogue), Imperative Reaction, I:Scintilla, Mindless Faith, Ego Likeness, Die Sektor, Interface, The Dark Clan and more. Art work for the album will be done by another yinzer, Byron Winton, who did the work for Rein[Forced]’s other albums.

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Peter Murphy arrested for DUI

Bela Lugosi is drunk

Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) was allegedly driving around LA while under the influence. He told cops that he was just jet lagged and only under the influence of his depression meds. He also told them that the baggie full of meth he was trying to discard wasn’t his. To commemorate such a monumental event in the life of such a prestigious goth idol, my girlfriend drew the above picture.

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I really hate international copyright laws. I remember when I saw the first video by BABYMETAL (Doki Doki Morning), and how I looked for a place to get the MP3 or maybe even a CD, but couldn’t find one anywhere.

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Boobs and Auto-Tune do not make good music…

I have no idea who Courtney Stodden is outside of the fact that she tends to wear bikinis, and then people take pictures of her, and those pictures show up on the different blogs I follow. She appears to just be famous for having boobs. It would appear she is trying to spin having boobs into some kind of music career. She isn’t the first, but she is close to being the worst.

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Obama on Fire (Feat. Omar)

A little mash up I did of Unsolved Mysteries and Alicia Keys performance.

I wish I could find a better version of the Unsolved Mysteries part.

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Nursehella finally drops an album

It’s been several years in the waiting, but this nerdcore damsel finally released an album.

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The Illuminati is after Tila Tequila

Normally, I don’t like to talk about famewhores, since talking about them is exactly what they want, but holy shit this video. I think we’ve reached Randy Quaid level crazy with this one, except, at least his conspiracy theory was used to cover up for felony charges and escape to Canada.
Tila is just pulling the crazy card because, well, she’s crazy.

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Zombie Emergency Defence

OK, sure it’s 4 years old, but it is Halloween, what better time is there to listen a nerdcore hip hop zombie audio play?

Click the image above to download the tale of the night that the robot zombies almost took over the earth, then check out the rest of Emergency Pizza Party’s musical offerings here.

HEEEEEEEEY, Green Eyed Lady

First off, if you haven’t seen Big Trouble in Little China, then you really need to pick it up and watch it. It’s quite possibly the most amazing movie ever made.

Anyways, not only does the original David Lo Pan actor James Hong make several appearances, but John Carpenter himself gave it his show of approval when he showed it to fans at Screamfest. Also the She Burton is strangely hot…

Now that I have seen Lo Pan Style, I don’t think I ever need to watch another Gangnam Style video again.

Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom

Die Antwoord’s latest gives us a short tour of your typical South African town, and also features Lady Gaga and crotch crickets.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of these guys.