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Carnegie Museum of Dinosaurs

Carnegie Museum of Dinosaurst06

We got a membership to the Carnegie Museums, so we plan on going quite a bit more. Of course, every time we go there, the mollusk exhibit always seems to be closed. There are still dinosaurs though, and that’s a good thing.

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It’s snowing in Pittsburgh

its snowing in pittsburgh01 (1024x768)

It may not have been a really white Christmas, but we did get a little snow on Christmas Eve, and a bit more the day after.

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I swear I’m not an alcoholic

Thought I was out, bought a bottle to make some drinks with my dad, get home, found out I still had a bottle and a half.

At least I’m prepared for when Cthulhu rises on the 21st.

St. Mary’s Cemetery

St. Marys Cemetery

After wandering around trying to play Ingress the other day, I decided to drop into St. Mary’s Cemetery until I finished my hot chocolate. Took this picture through the zombie proof grates that are along the base of Children’s Hospital.

I would like to also add, that if you are playing Ingress, you should double check the intel maps before wandering around, or you may wind up freezing your ass off in an area with no portals…

Carnegie Science Center

If there was one thing that Andrew Carnegie was good at, it’s making steel.  If there were two things that he was good at, it was making steel, and hiding away in Scotland while Frick was causing riots.  But if there were three things, they would be the two above, and having some awesome museums named after him.

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Went home for my sister’s birthday

Went looking for He Who Walks Between the Rows.

Also just realized that Linda Hamilton was the female lead in the movie. How the hell did a corn demon think that it could take out the woman who continuously beat the crap out of future robots?

The Duquesne Incline

We went out to the Duquesne Incline on my birthday, and we took a few pictures.

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Allegheny Cemetery part deux

Here’s some more pictures from our second trip to the Allegheny Cemetery. If you’ve never been there, let me tell you, that place is huge. Seriously, take a look, it’s huge.

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I must have watched these guys for twenty minutes waiting for them to fight.

It never happened.

Spiders suck.


The girlfriend took quite a few pictures on our trip as well.  These two in particular are kind of neat.  The side windows on the mausoleum were broken out, and there was quite a bit of damage inside.  There was rubble strewn around and a large support beam had fallen down from the ceiling.  There’s a couple of “ghostly” images that show up when she tried taking pictures inside.  There’s no glass in the window, the sun was overhead, and there was no light coming from inside, so there isn’t anything to make any glare.

I can kind of see a face in there, is it just pareidolia or actual ghosts? You decide.

See the rest of her photos here