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Lauryn Hill is a racist

Lauryn Hill is a Racist

Lauryn Hill thinks black people are stupid.

I know what you are thinking, “That’s racist, and Lauryn Hill isn’t the least bit racist at all!” But that’s pretty much what she said. You see, Lauryn Hill was recently sentenced to three months in jail for not paying close to a million dollars in taxes to the federal government. Her excuse for not paying?

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I hate marathons

Print I hate the Pittsburgh Marathon. Every year, they close off streets to create an inescapable ring around the city, preventing anybody with legitimate business from doing anything that needs to get done for half the day.

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Did you know Harry Potter was racist

harry potter is racist I didn’t know this. It appears that J.K. Rowling is a huge racist, just look at her books. A bunch of white kids save their mostly white school from a bunch of bad guys. Wait, you say that isn’t enough to call her a racist? You need more? Well, how about a nice poem about how racist she is…

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I don’t really find porn stars attractive

faye reagan 01

Take Faye Reagan for instance. She’got a nice body, those freckles are just the damn cutest things ever, but there’s just something off putting about her face. Maybe it’s just a bit too small, or maybe the way her it’s her chin and jawline look…

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This is not a real x-ray


So, this guy is now on the radio, talking to George Noory , about how there is a tomato plant growing in his abdomen. This is supposed to be a real x-ray.

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Venture Brothers is coming back

And I’m probably not going to watch it. I know, some of you are wondering what the hell is wrong with me. The new season looks amazing, and I want to watch it, really, I do. You see, it’s not my fault, it’s the fault of some programming director over in Adult Swim that I’m not going to watch it.

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Penn Jillette is Bullshit

Penn Jillette on God and religionI saw this picture posted on Facebook the other night and made a comment about how this statement is kinda dumb. This then turned into arguing with someone on the internet until 4 AM…

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Doonesbury forgets about a little thing called the internet

Good Bye Comics

Doonesbury answers a question of, “What happens to comics if news papers go away?” I would like to give a better answer than they did:

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Let’s make the USPS a little less crappy

I really hate the USPSSo yesterday, I wasn’t able to get to the post office to get my package. Today, after seeing that the mailman had already stopped by (he didn’t ring the bell this time, we were home all day). It looked like it was just one of those mailers sent out by grocery stores, so I just shoved it into the box (again, the mail man just leaves it hanging out) and continued on my way to the post office.

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My mailman is a dick

I hate the USPSYou’d think that they would be doing everything they could to make me a happy customer, what with a deficit in the billions, they should be doing what ever they can to make me want to mail shit. Instead, they are a bunch of jackasses who can’t be bothered to do their job.

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