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Was Art Bell’s SiriusXM deal a conspiracy to keep him off the air?

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Eben Byers, Pittsburgh’s Radioactive Man

Eben Byers 01Back at the start of the 20th century, we went through a period known as “Radioactive Quackery”. This was a time when people stopped selling the oil of snakes to the unassuming masses, and instead began selling them radiation.

Radiation was everywhere back then. Watches with glow in the dark faces, glowed thanks to radium (and the girl who made it probably died from cancer). Radioactive toothpaste was said to make your teeth whiter. There were spas set up with the specific purpose of exposing its visitors to the healing powers of radiation. This brings us to Eben Byers, a Pittsburgh native, professional golfer, heir to a steel empire, and (currently) radioactive corpse.

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A 3D Printer for $350

I’m a big fan of 3D printing technologies. If I had any talent in 3D design, and a thousand or so dollars lying around, I’d already have one. Thankfully though, I haven’t blown a grand on one, since it looks like I can get one for a hell of a lot less. The Buccaneer is a new 3D printer that looks to make the technology available to everybody.

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What I want in a next gen console

Game SphereSony and Microsoft are both showing off their next gen consoles. Microsoft is taking a lot of heat for theirs, and rightly so. Charging people to play used or borrowed games, a camera that never turns off, and a requirement of being almost always online are all reasons for me not to buy one…

But what are reasons to buy a new console? Personally, I’m pretty much back to being a PC gamer, but there are some things that could draw me back to them. Consoles are nice after all. I’m not completely anti console, I just don’t like anything that I’ve seen about the new ones yet. What would make me interested you ask? Well…

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Drone is not a dirty word

Obama Drone

We used to call them, first, there were model airplanes, then unmanned aerial vehicles, now we have drones.

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Google wants me to give up RSS for this?


When I said that social networks are no replacement for a good RSS feed, this is exactly the kind of bullshit that I’m talking about. Even on their own social network, Google is keeps recommending me crap like this. I don’t love either Niall, and there is nothing in my info that would ever make someone think that I did.

Why losing Google Reader and RSS in general, is a bad thing

reader-mastheadI’m starting to think I’m cursed. First Microsoft kills Sync, then Cubby kills their sync, now Google is killing Reader. Google Reader is the one page that I visit the most. It’s always open, showing me the latest updates from a couple hundred website that I’ve subscribed to.

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This blender may have been the best impulse buy I ever made


Time Warner doesn’t see a need for gigabit internet

I want gigabit internet

640K ought to be enough for anybody.

Whether or not Bill Gates actually said that, it’s a quote that has haunted him for the last thirty or so years. Time Warner may have just stumbled into that same territory.

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The Skull and Cross Bones Nebulae

A few days ago, this gorgeous 4,000 x 4,000 pixel image was posted to Reddit. Right away, I tried finding the Jolly Roger hidden in the glowing gas clouds, but I just couldn’t find it.

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