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With Art Bell coming back to radio, the girlfriend and I were talking about who would join him, who would he interview, who do his weekend shows. Would he steal George Knapp from George Noory? Will George Noory have a breakdown on the air? Will he dig up Dallas Thompson for a follow up interview?

Then I pictured a TV show, like the A-Team, featuring Dan Aykroyd, Richard Belzer, Jesse Ventura, and Art Bell…

With Ghostbusters III put on hold once again, Aykroyd is free to follow is other love, crazy conspiracies and paranormal activity. He would call Ventura, Bell, and Belzer, they would all get together and ride around in Ecto-1, investigating conspiracies. Aykroyd would chain smoke and keep trying to get everybody to wear Ghostbusters jumpsuits while on the job. Ventura would just yell at everything. Belzer would carry his dog around everywhere and do what he can to calm down Ventura. And Art would just shake his head, then find the craziest person around to interview.

They would be followed around by George Noory and Giorgio Tsoukalos, who would try to thwart their investigations at every turn. Only their attempts would always be hilariously futile, such as leaving out a plate of piping hot pizza rolls, and then, when Ventura tells everybody to let them cool off for a minute before they eat them, Noory would try to convince people that they were fine and eat one, burning his mouth horribly.

I would watch the hell out of this show.