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Creepypasta Expanded Edition

Mobi – Epub

Whether it’s sitting around a camp fire, hiding under a blanket with a flashlight under your face, or curled up in front of the soft glow of your monitor, everybody loves sharing scary stories.

Creepypastas are tales that run anywhere from just a few lines to several pages, detailing everything from ghosts and monsters to weird medical experiments and aliens. So curl up under your blanket, turn off all the lights, and enjoy…

Because you really didn’t need to sleep tonight, did you?

I’ve made some improvements to the Creepypasta e-book and re-released it as an expanded edition. This version features more stories, and better editing. I’ll be updating it as time goes along, adding more stories and pictures.

You can also check out some of my other Creepypasta related posts, such as Jeff the Killer, Zalgo, Suzy’s Notebook, and The Nightcrawlers of Fresno.

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  • kewleo(:

  • guys dont look at smiledog.jpg i saw it and i felt like i was being chocked and whispered to NEVER LOOK AT THE PICTURE plz just a warning for curious people…

    • oh god…………wtf!? hells dog

    • joey

      true very true O_O

  • Evan Thompson

    thats not creepy at all thats what my dog looks like 😀

  • David

    These story’s are cool and scary but there full of crud

  • umm that’s well um creepy I cant belive that happened to jane

  • ضياع

    creepypastas are probably the only things that scare me. Everyone needs horror in their life, if they don’t have it they’ll be scared of small, harmless things.

  • Creepypasta: SilenceKiller.
    One sad day there was a little boy who walked into the bathroom with a bleeding nose. He screamed: Mom i have a very bloody nose (Note: He was british). He realized he was the only one in the house. it was 1 AM. He was scared. Later he lyed on the floor of the bathroom bleeding to death when a tall man with a pale face and a large smile said: Go to sleep morgan. Morgan (The boy) then realized he was dead but still moving.
    He looked himself in the mirror and stopped. his face was blank. just bloody and white. Then when he looked over at the pale man he raised him bloody knife. As I threw him against the wall (Somehow I had the strengh) and he cried for help. Later I looked at my dead family being hung. Looking over again the pale man ran away holding a long rope. As I ran after him the police showed up and started shooting me without warning. I fell to the ground in pain as I woke up. But I was dead.

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  • I Looked at smile dog :p Im Screwed ;D

  • Icyspirit

    I read Squidward’s Suicide……. Almost puked.

  • barry the butcher

    wow slender man is realy …………. I have no words for it

  • creepypasta i love this :3

  • andre

    reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy scary