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Dave Brockie dies at 50

RIP Dave Brockie

The world is a brighter place today. Created eons ago by the Master, the Scumdogs of the Universe, led by Oderus Urungus, have caused war, chaos, and death to spread across the galaxy. And while they may have saved us from the Master, most of their time was spent sacrificing virgins to the World Maggot and having sex with what ever they could find. We can only hope that without their leader, the Scumdogs fall apart and leave us alone!

Dave Brockie

In all seriousness though. Dave Brockie was an awesome guy, and the musical world will probably never see someone like him again. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a Gwar show, you have really missed out. I first saw them way back in the late 90’s. They were my first concert, and it was amazing. This was back when Pittsburgh was full of awesome venues. I remember the opening bands all sucked (I’m looking at you Godhead), but once they were done, a hush fell over the crowd. There was no more heckling or booing, everybody knew what was coming next. The lights were dimmed, security all disappeared, and the stage was a flurry of action as roadies rushed to set up all the set pieces. Then security came back out, taking up their positions, only this time, they were all wearing raincoats. The spotlights lit up the right side of the stage where a large stone Gwar logo had been erected. The crowd started chanting “Gwar! Gwar! Gwar! Gwar!”, then they burst forth through the wall in a shower of foam rubber and shrieking metal. It didn’t take long for the audience, that had angrily stood in one place was suddenly, worked into a frenzy and most of the dance floor became one big mosh pit. Then came the blood. Blood, and other things, all sprayed into the crowed from severed limbs, and other things…

We left the show later that night, tired, bruised, and almost completely died red.

We’d see Gwar a few more times at Metropol, then after it closed, I think we saw one at the Rex, and a few at Mr. Smalls, but they were never as extravagant as that first one. Don’t get me wrong, they were still amazing feats of violent silliness, but the sets were never as big, and they didn’t spray as much crap into the audience.

Over the years with Gwar, Dave has release several albums, appeared on several talk shows, been a correspondent (as Oderus) on Fox News, made movies, and even a kids show. Here are some of my favorites.

Gwar doesn’t come on till the 19 minute mark, but I’d still listen to a few minutes of the first guy just to get a little perspective.

I don’t know what the rest of the band is going to do. I’d hate to see Gwar call it quits, I think the world needs Gwar, but Dave was the one guy that had been in the band since the beginning.