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Dear Microsoft, why are you screwing Live Mesh?

Windows Live Mesh If there was one product that Microsoft did, it was Windows Live Mesh. The main reason for this, is that it automatically syncs my pictures and music between my computers and laptop. It’s like magic, no matter where I am, if I download a song or rip a cd, the tracks appear on all of my computers within seconds. Same thing with my pictures. As an added bonus, it was an easy way to do some remote desktop work, plus, it would sync with skydrive if you chose.

That’s all changing in February though. They are doing away with Live Mesh, and going completely with SkyDrive. It seems that people wanted more integration with their cloud storage service. That’s fine, buy why the hell are you getting rid of the peer-to-peer sync service? I don’t need everything that I sync peer to peer to be on SkyDrive also, I just want it synced between computers. But that’s fine, if I have to store it online too, then I will…

Except, I can’t. I have well over a hundred gigs of data being synced right now. SkyDrive only gives me up to 107, and that’s if I pay $50 a month.

Thanks guys, you’ve taken a great product, and turned it into something where I have to pay you to make it do less.

Looks like a lot of people have been switching to Cubby. I’m going to give it a try.

Anybody else got a recommendation for desktop sync apps that don’t store the info in the cloud?