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The Sixth Slave

While Penny-Arcade can be an offensive comic on occasion, there is one comic in particular that people have found extremely offensive.  That comic would be the above picture one entitled, “The Sixth Slave”.  Many people were offended by the use of the word rape, seeing this as a rape joke, and glorifying rape culture.  I don’t see it that way.  In fact, I see it as being the opposite, using the horror of rape to drive home the fact that when you play a video game, taking the role of a savior and hero, rarely does the player actually care about the NPCs beyond how much experience they will get them.  How many times have you played Wow or some other MMO, and just ran past a bunch of chained up prisoners or slaves, that you completely had in your power to save, and just ignored.

Rape wasn’t even an important part of the comic, and the only reason that it’s there is probably because Gabe (Mike Krahulik, the artist) sketched a wolf with four erect sets of male genitalia for legs and thought it was hilarious (which it is). They could have just as easily added any other type of torture in its place, it’s the last panel that’s important.

Anyways, after this comic, as I said, many people were upset, Jerry and Mike both defended the comic in their own fashion (lots of sarcasm and not a lot of sincerity). Mike posted a comment on the site wondering why this strip was singled out when there are far worse strips on the site, including several that feature a character called the Fruit Fucker, which is a robot that fucks things, forcibly at times. In fact, if you play any of the Penny-Arcade video games, you’ll see plenty of Fruit Fuckers all over the place. They are pretty much your main enemy, fighting your with different moves that usually involve some kind of forced sexual act, but never did I ever see any comment on how offensive they were.

Later they got into more trouble when they later released this shirt:


Again people were up in arms about it, saying that it was supporting rape culture. Now, the only reason it was probably made was because the idea of a wolf with dicks for legs is kinda hilarious. I highly doubt that the people who bought the shirt, actually support rape in any real fashion. It’s an interesting question though, does wearing the shirt of a fictional person or group mean that you support the actions of said fictional entity and wish for them to happen in real life?

For instance, I own a shirt with this logo:


Mean that I support the actions of a ruthless terrorist organization bent on ruling the world?



Of course it doesn’t. I would no more wish for Cobra to rule the world than I would for Cthulhu to actually be the president.

Even though I own this shirt too

Even though I own this shirt too

There are plenty of shirts out there with evil organizations on them that nobody in their right mind would ever support in real life but don’t mind wearing just to show that they are fans of the franchise.

It’s entirely possible to love a fictional group of people who may in fact be terrible people.

There are a few people on the Penny-Arcade side that started calling themselves “Team Rape” and other such tasteless things, and even then, I would guess that none of them actually would endorse rape, and are calling themselves as such for one purpose only.



If they pissed you off, and you decided to yell back at them, then guess what, you fell for it. None of this would ever have been any kind of problem if you didn’t continue to feed the trolls. C’mon people, this is one of the first lessons you should learn on the internet. This wouldn’t even have been half the issue that it was if you guys had paid attention during orientation.

Besides, perhaps not all dickwolves are evil rapists. That’s the kind of discrimination that pit bull owners fight when new Breed Specific Legislation is proposed in their states.