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Why I don’t understand feminism


Recently, a man landed a space craft on an asteroid and all feminists care about is the shirt he had on. Never mind the fact that the shirt was made by a female friend of his, with cloth whose pattern is also sold by a woman.

It would appear that these two women are really agents of the Patriarchy, working to keep women out of science through the magic of home-made shirts. You see, according to feminist beliefs, women make important life choices based on clothes. I used to think that was a sexist viewpoint, but I guess it turns out that it’s true. Thanks to this shirt, countless women around the world are not dropping out of college to go to beauty school.

Doesn’t sound very nice for a group that wants equality, right? But is that really what they want?

According to this man, feminism is about equality, it’s only called feminism because they are the underdog here.

Only, his arguments don’t really show any interest in equality. For instance, if a couple gets a divorce, and children are involved, if one party is not able to see their children, they may indeed have a legitimate excuse. Not seeing one’s kids is a terrible thing. Unless you have a penis, then this guy thinks you can just fuck right off and cry about it somewhere else. That’s not equality, it’s the exact opposite of equality.

Likewise, the sign.

Feminism 2

First, a person masturbating on a bus probably isn’t doing it out of misogyny, but probably out of some unfortunate mental handicap.  I thought we were supposed to be working on changing our views of mental health problems in this country.  Instead of throwing stones, we should be working to get these people help.  I mean, yeah, call the cops, but then get them to a hospital and medicated.  Don’t tell them to run off to an men’s rights group.

Second, I also do not like people staring at me or starting unwanted conversations with me either, regardless of the gender of the person doing it.  These are things that many people do not like, so why does the sign signal out only the women passengers?

But I guess that’s why I’m not a feminist.  I’m not a humanist either, because that is something completely different.  I’m an egalitarian.  I believe that everybody, be they man, woman, black, white, yellow, brown, gay, straight, or anything in between, should have equal opportunity.

I believe that everybody, man, woman or any combination thereof, should be free to wear what ever shirt they want, whether it’s covered with bad ass women shooting lasers, or half-naked cowboys.

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