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Drone is not a dirty word

Obama Drone

We used to call them, first, there were model airplanes, then unmanned aerial vehicles, now we have drones. Nobody was scared of them before, and in fact, we loved our U.A.V.s, they were amazing things that let out troops know when they were heading into danger, or caught insurgents before they could make their attacks. It wasn’t until we started putting missiles on them and calling them drones that we started getting scared of them. All those civilians that have been killed by our drone strikes show us that maybe we shouldn’t be strapping missiles to them just yet, at the least, we need to find a better way to identify targets using them before we fire.

Many people are going crazy about drones used on US soil. Citizens are panicking and law makers are making them illegal before they even know what is happening. When they were hunting for Christopher Dorner, there were reports of drones in the sky. I never once thought that they were actually using missile laden drones, only ones with camera, but still people were panicking. What is the difference between a helicopter with an infrared camera circling a mountain, and a UAV with an infrared camera circling the same mountain? Well, for starters, the UAV is going to use a lot less fuel than the helicopter, and it will probably be able to get in closer than the helicopter ever would have been able to. Then there is the fact that if it crashes thanks to a sudden updraft from the fire that it is scouting or a lucky shot from the madman they are looking for, you don’t lose the lives of your pilot and copilot. Plus, a Drone or UAV is a hell of a lot quieter than a helicopter would be, which makes them a lot better for residential areas, or for when stealth is needed.

Right now, I can head over to Amazon and pick up a helicopter, quadcoptor, car, or airplane. I know what you’re thinking, those don’t really have the range that other the government’s drones have, but you can also just buy your own camera and attach it to a larger remote controlled plane. I’ve even seen where people have used Android smartphones to get streaming video and pilot their planes over longer distances.

What we should make sure of, is that they don’t start using armed drones on US soil. I actually wouldn’t mind a drone taking out someone that would otherwise put many people at risk. For instance, another mass shooter, or a drone used to put an end to a high speed pursuit, but they would need to find some other ordinance to fire from them. Americans may not care if a missile takes out civilians on the other side of the world, but we really hate it when the cops shoot up the wrong truck when looking for a murderer.