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EA sucks, and you only have yourself to blame

EA Sucks Last year, everybody agreed that EA was the worst company in America. They then blamed it all on homophobes and trolls, and went right back to doing what got them the award in the first place. Well guess what, it really is your fault that they are terrible.

EA released Diablo 3 with “always online” DRM, and the game was unplayable for several days afterwards. And even after they got their servers up to speed, it was still a terrible game for someone with a crappy connection. You’d think that they would have learned their lesson after this fiasco, wouldn’t you?

Did you buy Sim City when you knew that it was going to feature the same “always online” DRM scheme that Diablo 3 had? Did you complain when the DRM killed the game when you tried to play it? Why the hell should EA have learned a lesson if you didn’t? You see, it works like this, until you learn your lesson and stop giving them your money, they aren’t going to learn anything. Every time you pay them for a game with terrible DRM, you are saying that it’s acceptable. Every time you give them money for a half finished game, you are telling that it’s fine. The lesson you are teaching them is that you are an idiot that will pay them for anything.

You can complain all you want, but if they already have your money, your complaint is pointless, especially if you keep giving them your money every time they do this. You want EA to change, then you have to let them know this in the only way that matters.  Stop paying them for their shit. If EA were a restaurant, when the waitress brought your food to the table, she would spit on it, then dump it in your lap, and you keep going there for dinner every week and leaving a huge tip.

Give your money to someone that actually deserves it. Buy Minecraft if you haven’t done so already. Already own Minecraft, then buy Slender: The Arrival or Kerbal Space Program. These are all great games by people that deserve to receive your money.

adam orth sucks too

Stop giving jackasses like this your money. Learn your lesson already. It’s probably the easiest class you’ll ever take, and your only homework assign is to not buy something. C’mon, I know you can do it.