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ET was from Star Wars, now find out what that means!

ET and Star Wars, part two

I’ve seen this image posted on Facebook about thirty times now. While, this image itself proposes nothing new, it did get me thinking a little.

We already know that E.T.: The Extraterrestrial is essentially a Star Wars movie, and what the sequel means for the Star Wars galaxy, but what exactly does that mean for us? Why are there humans in Stars Wars, and humans on Earth? Is it just a case of parallel evolution? Or is there a better, more fitting way that this happened.

As I said before, something killed off all the other races in the Star Wars galaxy, leaving only the Brodo Asogi (E.T.’s people) to colonize the whole thing.

At some point, when they saw that everything was going to hell, and nobody was going to be left alive, they probably built great space arks. Unlike Noah though, they only put one sentient race on each one. After viewing the wars that continually ripped their galaxy apart, they probably wouldn’t want to start the whole thing over again in new galaxies. Each ship would then be sent to a different suitable planet either in different galaxies, or at least far enough apart from each other in the same galaxies that it would take hundreds of thousands of hears for them to reach each other, and then let them take care of themselves.

Now, think about that for a moment. Not only does that mean that we could be living just a few light years away from a planet full of hot Twi’lek dancing-girls on the other side of our galaxy, but it also means that everybody on Earth is descendant from the force using people of Star Wars. E.T. and Elliott shared a rather powerful psychic bond during the movie. They share emotions, can communicate better than they should be able to, and know what each other is thinking. This is a lot like the bond shared by Kreia and the Jedi Exile in KOTOR2. Meaning that perhaps Elliott himself was at least force sensitive. Since Lucas went and made the Force a genetic trait, it makes you wonder who else in his family could have force powers…