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Fake guns don’t kill people

I grew up pointing plastic guns at my friends. We’d pretend to shoot at each other, people on TV, or just shoot at imaginary people. Never in my youth did I ever think that a fake gun and a real gun were the same thing. I understood that real guns were dangerous and you didn’t play with them. I understood that fake guns were fine to play with, but you if they fired foam darts or those little plastic discs, you didn’t aim for someones face. These were basic rules that I understood from a very young age. Somewhere between the 80’s and today though, people seemed to forget the difference between fantasy and reality.

No, this isn’t going to be a rant about a little kid that shot someone, instead, this is a rant about a bunch of dipshits who are freaking out about a fake gun.

Seriously, it's a fake gun

This is a picture of a woman holding a baby and a fake gun. You can tell that the gun is fake because the cylinder and the ejector all appear to be one piece. There are no visible moving parts. The gun in this picture is a toy. That fact has not stopped people from saying some rather not nice things about her. I’ve read comments stating that the woman should be everything from beaten to shot, all for pointing a fake gun at a kid.

Think about that for a minute. What are supposed to be normal, rational human beings, are calling out for this woman’s murder because she pointed a fake gun at a kid. Just how in the world does one come to that conclusion? Most of these people are mothers themselves. Mothers that are now wishing for this child to grow up without her own mother. Does that make sense to anybody out there? Is it just me? Am I the crazy one?

Does thinking that more information is needed before I’m willing to grab a torch and pitch fork put me in the wrong?

What exactly is wrong with the picture? The kid is not visibly bruised or hurt. The kid isn’t crying. It’s just sitting there, looking at the toy gun, not giving one single damn. This kid is probably going to be more traumatized after watching The Land Before Time or The Lion King than from this incident. Is this really a reason to threaten someone’s life or to waste the police’s time investigating?