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It’s a Full House

Full House

There’s a new story going around. It seems that Sergeant William Bolt, an active duty member of the Army, decided to visit his wife and newborn daughter at their apartment in college.

After staying for a week, the landlord then said he had to go, and if he stayed any longer, he would have to press charges or even charge his wife double rent. Terrible right?

Only, that’s not the whole story.

The apartment that the woman lives in isn’t really an apartment. It’s a single bedroom in a house that she shares with up to six other people. She’s living in off campus student housing. Those of you that have ever lived in a place like that will know that it’s basically a dormitory but without a lot of extra rules. Each person signs their own lease and they get their own room and then they share pretty much the rest of the living space.  This means that they can’t just add him to the lease either, since there can only be one name on the lease.  He’d have to sign his own lease and get his own room.  This isn’t a place for families to move into.  If that’s what they are looking for, then they need to find a new apartment.

She is still allowed to have guests though.  But according to the lease, guest can only stay for up to seven days. She knew that when she signed the up, and she still chose to live there. But exceptions can be made, right? Can’t they just bend the rules this one time to let this guy stay longer?

Sure. But what about the next time? Everybody has a significant other, friend, or relative that they’d like to have stay with them for a while, and trust me, everybody has a sad story as to why you should make an exception “just this once for them”. And if the exception is made, is it fair for the other roommates?

And speaking of roommates…

I’ve lived in a place like this before, it’s not that hard to sneak people in or to have visitors that they management doesn’t know about. In fact, the only way for the to find out is to either be doing something stupid, or to have someone complain. We know nothing about this guy except that he’s in the army. There are any number of reasons why the other people in the house may not want him there. Maybe they are all women and don’t want a strange man around. Maybe he’s abusive. Maybe they have loud sex every night. Maybe he leaves his underwear lying around. Maybe he eats everybody else’s food. Just because you were in the armed forces, you don’t have the right to impose yourself on others.

This isn’t a simple case of a landlord being a dick, but it’s the knee jerk reactions that gets the clicks, so a slanted article with only half the story, designed to outrage people, is what passes for news these days…