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Glitch was the lovechild of Stewart Butterfield, who previously was the founder of Flickr. Glitch is an awesome game where you played around in the imagination of powerful giants. Your story starts in the brain of a giant, where you are imagined into life. From there, you wander the land of Ur, petting trees and milking butterflies. That may sound odd, but it’s actually quite a bit of fun. There isn’t any fighting in the game, instead, game play is based on crafting and building. You can build and decorate your own home, street, and even a tower that you can fill with items to sell to other players. When they add new areas to the game, all the players get together and actually build it street by street. And that is really what the game was about, players working together to make it better.

Sadly though, Glitch will be closing it’s doors on December 9th. While the game itself had some of the most loyal fan base, it wasn’t growing as fast as the investors wanted. That coupled with a lack of development for the Flash environment that it was created in, has led to the investors pulling out. Stoot (as Stewart is known in game) has said that they have looked at every way they can to keep the game running, but just can’t find a way. At the same time though, players are all asking for merchandise. One can’t help but wonder if they at least had t-shirts for sale, could they have stayed up a little longer?

They have closed down the sign up page, but I believe you can still get in if you have an invite, so if you really want to see what it’s like, ask someone who is already playing really nicely and maybe you can at least get a glimpse of the game.

As they say, tis better to have Glitched and lost, than never to have Glitched at all.