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Goodbye Savage Nation, you will not be missed…

I listen to talk radio. I like talk radio. I think most of the personalities on the radio are pretty entertaining.

In the mornings I listen to Quinn and Rose when I’m going to work. If I’m out on my lunch break, I can listen to Rush. The weekends can be a little iffy some times with some of the “medical” or “financial” shows that air, but I like Joe Pags’s show and listen to it on my way home.

What I don’t like is during the week, when I get off work, the Savage Nation is typically on the radio. I can’t stand Michael Savage. I don’t know how this guy made it to the number three talk show.

Let me give you a quick rundown of one of his shows. It starts off with Michael Savage talking about how terrible everything is. We then move on to some current event, and how it’s ruining America. This is followed by a statement about how people don’t care because they are watching American Idol. Now he yells into the microphone about how our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan, and nobody cares because American Idol is on. Followed again by another statement like, “but what do I know, I’ve only got a doctorate in nutrition”, because the humblebrag isn’t just a twitter phenomenon. Now he takes some calls. First call is a rabid sycophantic, “Dr. Savage, you should run for office.” or something, then the reply, “You wouldn’t want me in office. Besides, they won’t let me in the UK.” Remember this, it doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, not being allowed in the UK will come up at least twice an hour. His next caller will say something that Savage doesn’t like. It doesn’t matter if he’s actually agreeing with him or is a raging liberal, all that matters is that Savage heard something he didn’t like. His reply will be to yell, it doesn’t matter what he says, as long as he says it loudly, then hangs up and calls the caller a moron. If the caller tries to reply, Savage just yells louder, even if it’s to tell Savage that they agree with him and that he must have misheard him, he just yells louder then calls them a moron. Then it’s on to the next topic, he says that this topic is terrible too, because nothing is ever good, but this topic is something that he wrote about in his book. He’s always got a book, and you are a moron for not reading it. He’ll read a few pages to you now though, and then tell you to buy it, calling you a moron again if you haven’t. Now he talks to his guest, what ever his guest is here to talk about is what ever is wrong with America. They may want to talk about puppies and kittens, but Savage will say how terrible it is, and how Washington is using puppies and kittens to keep the poor on welfare or something. He’s got a chapter on puppies and kittens in his latest book too, you should stop being a moron and buy it. Then, if you are lucky, he’ll stop talking about politics and move on to nutrition, did he mention that he’s got a doctorate in it? This is followed by an anecdote about a restaurant that never cooks his food right, but he goes back to anyways. Then he closes the show by telling you how terrible something else is.

I noticed something different the other day though. When I turned my radio on as I started home. I heard Jerry Doyle on the radio. I figured maybe he was just filling in, and instead of turning the radio off, I kept listening. The next day, I turn the radio on again, and there was Jerry Doyle again. A quick bit of Googling and I see that Savage has left the radio. I appears that he was suing to get out of his contract and finally won. Now, I guess being stuck in a contract that you hated for the last ten years will probably lead to hating your job and could explain why he was such a downer all the time and a dick to all his callers. I don’t know how this made him so damn popular though.

He’s stated that he’s taking a break from radio, and we probably won’t hear from him for a while. I’m hoping that it takes a little bit longer than he expects, and everybody forgets about him and someone good gets his slot permanently. I recommend Joe Pags, he needs more than just a weekend show.