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Gordon Ramsay and Crayfish

I’ve become a bit of a fan of Gordon Ramsay. I haven’t really watched many of the shows where he swears at incompetent chefs, instead, I’ve been watching his shows and videos where he just cooks. The guys has a serious love of food, and the way he talks and moves around, it’s like he’s just chugged a case of Red Bulls.

Then I saw this video of him cooking crayfish, and this one of him catching crayfish.

Gordon talks about how the American crayfish has taken over the UK, and he talks about big they are and how much meat he can see on them. As a kid, my family would go to the local park, and we would play around in the creek and catch crayfish. We didn’t have any fancy nets or cages, instead, we would just flip over rocks until we found them, and catch them with our hands. We must have caught hundreds of them over the years, we never cooked them, we would always release them when we were done. Out of all the crayfish that we caught, I maybe found one or two that were big enough to even consider cooking. Now, I know I live in PA and not down south where the weather is warmer and these things may grow to a larger size, likewise, it was a small creek that maybe couldn’t handle larger crustaceans, but why in the hell do they get these behemoth monsters in the UK? Even when I got to the sea food department of the grocery store, sure, they are a little larger than the ones that I caught, but there aren’t any of these miniature lobsters. He’s talking about claw meat at one point, and I’m lucky if I can get tail meat out of anything I’ve ever found. It’s not even really worth the trouble of preparing the scrawny little things they call crayfish here.

  • not sure if i have ever seen one that big…thats cray-see….haha

  • We used to catch them out of the drainage ditches when I was a kid. Mostly they were tiny. We fished with them a bit, but mostly just annoyed Mom.

  • used to pushbike out to the creek in outback Australia (real croc dundee style lol) with a bit of string and some chuncks of steak and sure enough you would always return with a haul – I could never ever eat them though 🙂

  • I hate them #thatall lol

  • Catchin Craw Dads? Oh Yes!

    Every Dy My best friend Marvin and I were in the water. We had a route we followed where we had droped short leangths of irrigation pipeing. We just drugem out and shookem out. Always filled our buckes and tookem home after we played withem for a while , lookinem over and chased a few girls withem. My Dad would throw them in a pot and I`d watchem turn red. Mom always had steamer full of rice. Good eatins!

  • Cant say I know much about cooking them…. but we love crayfish