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Great Cats at the Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo Great Cats1 04

Wound up with the fifth off too, so we decided to go to the zoo. One of my favorite parts of the zoo, are the great cats that they have there.

With the high heat, many of the animals were just laying around trying to stay cool. That’s not to say that there wasn’t some action there. The tiger cub kept it’s busy, either by wrestling with her, or just running around trying to escape.

Eventually though, momma decided that it was time to cool off…

A few candles, a nice glass of wine, and it's time for momma to soak in the tub

A few candles, a nice glass of wine, and it’s time for momma to soak in the tub

The jaguar was another cat that wanted to play, but the glass kept me from scratching it’s ears…

After the recent accident with the african painted dogs, and their subsequent removal from the zoo, the cheetah is back. While the circumstances aren’t the greatest, I’m happy that we got our cheetah back. Of course, much like last time we had a cheetah, it spends most of it’s time well out of sight, only letting me get one kinda good picture before laying down in some tall grass.

Pittsburgh Zoo Great Cats 15