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Hey @Stewart, you should get a merchandising guy.

As I said before, Glitch is closing it’s doors due to lack of funds, and many are asking, “why haven’t you tried merchandising to make up missing funds?” It’s a legitimate question, especially since there is absolutely no merchandise for Glitch right now.  Being the merchandising genius that I am, I’ll provide these ideas free of charge.  A kickstarter could be a great way to drum up the funds for them as well as show interest for new investors.  And Stoot, if you decide that these are good ideas, you should know that I am available to hire, and full of wonderful ideas.



  1. T-Shirts:  This one is self explanatory.   Users have been asking for them since the beginning but none were ever offered.
  2. Stickers and Magnets: Find a good print on demand shop, then have a sticker sheet set up that features the player’s own glitch character, maybe add some other random stickers like the Rube, street spirits, rooks, or giants.  Every time a player changes their glitch’s outfit, they’ll want to buy more stickers of it.
  3. Sticker or Magnetic sets: You get a homestreet, different items to decorate it with.  Have some of the more popular street styles available, maybe offer the option to have your actual house or tower done as well.  Everything would be sized the same as those in #2 so they can work together.
  4. An Activity Book:  Or even just a coloring book.  How many kids (or adults even) would love something like this?  It would be a great way to bring kids into the game too.
  5. Story Books: Not novels, but shot stories with some of your amazing artworks.
  6. Cubimals:  Seriously, if you make actual cubimals and offer them in random boxes, people would buy them.
  7. Figures:  Little plastic Rubes and other figures from Ur.  Just something to put on your desk.  Even combining this with #6 would be good.
  8. Plush:  Same as the figures, but softer.
  9. Make a Mobile App:  I know that you already have one, but it doesn’t do much.  Make a mini game, like Cubimal racing, have it connect to your actual Glitch account.  It should work as a stand alone game, but offer rewards if you play Glitch as well.  For instance, Cubimals you have in Glitch, you can race in the mobile app, and winnings in the app can be transferred to your glitch account.