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Highlander Reboot is a no go… Again…

Ryan Reynolds Highlander

Ryan Reynolds has dropped out of the Highlander reboot, stalling it yet again. Not that it was actually going anywhere to begin with, but it’s definitely not going anywhere now. Does this mean that Ryan is now ready to make the Deadpool movie? No, probably not. On the up side though, now we can possibly see the role go to an actual Scottish actor.

OK, maybe a different Scottish actor...

OK, maybe a different Scottish actor

Then they need to see about getting a good story behind it. If they are going to want to go with a franchise (and you know they are) then the first thing they are going to want to do, is make sure that nobody wins the prize in the first movie. That was the whole problem with all the Highlander sequels. The only sequel that made any sense was the third movie. I know, everybody hated that one too, but just hear me out for a minute while I explain. Connor would gain the prize as long as he was the last immortal alive. Kane and his two partners essentially died in the cave in. Their bodies lay inanimate in that cave until the excavation freed them, allowing them to draw breath once again. Remember, immortals can die. We see Connor get filled with bullets and run through, he drops to the ground, and then rises in a few moments after healing. If you were to leave the sword sticking out of his heart, he would essentially be dead until you removed it. Presumably, one could kill an immortal by putting them in a situation where it is impossible for them to heal. They would not release the Quickening unless you actually cut off their head though. Since the longer you live, the probability that you will be trapped somewhere rapidly reaches 100%, the game would have to make some kind of allowances for this to happen.

The next two sequels both dealt with the TV show, which was a complete disappointment. I will state that I liked the first couple of seasons of the series, but it goes downhill rapidly. For instance, new immortals keep popping up. How the hell do you win a last man standing type of game, if new people keep getting added all the time? And they completely ignore the continuity of the original films. Where were all the other immortals after Connor killed the Kurgan? Why did they have to make The Gathering into some kind of DBZ like challenge where they compare kills like Goku and Vegeta talk about power levels? And the ending of The Source? Even fans of the show hated that piece of crap…


If they want to make the new movie good, they have to take it a bit slower. The first movie has to be an origin story. It could start off in modern times, Connor would be sitting in an undisclosed location, being interrogated by an NSA agent. It seems that they have caught him in a bit of identity theft and money laundering, adding the new charges to old accusations of being a mass murdering head chopper has made him a person of interest. He dodges the questions and lies as much as he can, but finally, he drops the act, stares directly at the agent across the table, and gives the speech we all know and love:

I am Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. I was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. And I am immortal.

The movie now flashes back to the early 1500’s, and a young Connor is getting ready for battle. The rest of the movie would pretty much follow a young Connor, learning to be immortal and fighting off other immortals at the start of the game. We wouldn’t keep flashing back and forth to different times, the movie would follow a pretty much linear path, with the only scenes of the present being in the interrogation room. We set up the antagonist as more than just someone that he met once in battle. We show how they fought each other for a hundred years with neither gaining the upper hand. We show them tracking each other across the globe. We get more into his relationships with immortals through out time. Then finally, we come back to the present, and Connor is lead to a holding cell, and the camera pulls out and we see that he’s in Guantanamo or some similar location.

There is no grand battle at the end and he doesn’t get the prize. We keep that in store for the third movie (it’s always gotta be a trilogy). The second movie would follow his escape and the start of the Gathering, with the third showing the finale battle between Connor and the Kurgan.

There’s your trilogy.