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Hollywood Conspiracies

Psychic Tila Tequila

I have a dirty secret. I like celebrity gossip. It’s not what you think though, I could care less about where Angelina Jolie adopted her latest orphan from, or how much weight some Jonah Hill lost or gained. No, I only like the really weird stuff that happens with those on or below the D list. You tell me that Brad Pitt is partying at the Playboy Mansion, and I don’t care, but if Corey Feldman is throwing lingerie parties in his “Feldmansion”, and I’m all over that story.

Corey has really become a sad individual. Reading about his birthday is like reading about a broke Charlie Sheen. It’s incredibly pathetic. The man is in his forties and he’s trying to live like a frat boy.

But let’s be honest here, the dude is also worth $2 million, which, if you take into account student loans, mortgages, credit cards, and car payments, is probably $2,050,000 more than you.

Plus, the guy never really had a child hood. I mean, he was a child actor, in Hollywood, so if he wasn’t working, he was probably getting molested.

And from this interview, it sounds like he was being molested more than he was working. I mean, the guy had to friends growing up, Corey Haim and Michael Jackson. It’s almost like the guy had so much of Michael’s DNA shot into him, he’s actually turning into a Jackson Clone. Just look at the poor guy’s wardrobe, I’d say that he inherited all of Jackson’s clothes, but he’s been dressing that way since the 80s.

But let’s face it, what he is saying isn’t really all that out there. Just look at the people in Hollywood, Polanski, R. Kelly, Woody Allen, Marty Weiss, Bob Villard, Victor Salva, Kevin Clash, and of course, Michael Jackson. There’s always a new story about a pedophile being outed in Hollywood. This is usually followed by some Hollywood bigwig telling everybody that they need another chance because of their contributions to the arts. That, plus the fact that there are possibly some rather high profile people confirming Corey’s claims, and he is much less of a ranting lunatic and more of a heroic whistle-blower.

As far as crazy Hollywood news goes, Corey Feldman is almost there.  He’s crazy, sure, but it’s more of a sad crazy than just being batshit insane.  He’s got his reasons for how he acts, and if throwing these parties possibly helps him deal with his life, then more power to him…

No, when I need some crazy Hollywood garbage, I look no further than Tila Tequila. I don’t know what happened to her. She went from attention whore to batshit insane stripper. Seriously, check out her website. There, she raves to her Truth Warrior fans about everything from the CIA and Illuminati to her remote viewing into outer space in order to look for Planet X.

Now, again, don’t get me wrong here. I’m pretty open to the idea of aliens, ghosts, and what not. It’s an incredibly vast multiverse out there, I’m sure that there is plenty that science cannot explain yet. What I’m not open to, are people who keep ranting and raving about stuff that science has debunked years ago. It also doesn’t hurt if their grammar is even worse than mine is.

But don’t take my word for it, here is some of her own craziness in her own words:

Here she is telling us that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids because they were on a higher level of consciousness.

Right now the majority of the world is only aware of 2 levels of consciousness, and that is what they can only acknowledge as either being “Awake” or “Asleep.” This term is known as a “Mono-phasic” way of looking at things. That there is only 2 levels of awareness. Well, luckily that is not the case. As a matter of fact there are many, many, many levels of higher consciousness, and the higher you are able to go the less dense your world and reality becomes. The easier things will start to manifest for you just by merely thinking of something. This is what the Ancient Egyptians also knew about, and why some of them were so big in height. The taller they were the higher level of consciousness they represented. Hence, why they were able to create such wonders known as the Great Pyramids that us measly humans thousands of years later with our advanced technology still cannot figure out how they did it. Well it is quite simple to be honest. The Ancient Egyptians in that dynasty lived on a higher consciousness, therefore able to do many things we could only deem the Gods to be able to do. That is of course, unless you can obtain higher levels of consciousness then you too, can do all the miraculous things that is not possible in a 3D lower conscious levels nor even fathom the possibilities that you are capable of doing.

Using her logic, at 6’2″ and some change, I must exist at a higher level of consciousness than Tila, and at 6’8″, The Undertaker exists at an even higher level, which explains how he is able to do all those amazing wrestling moves at his age. Even existing at such a lower level of consciousness, Tila is able to continue, bringing in such subjects as string theory, and how if we could just unite our left and right brains, we could cause super novae.

Speaking of Supernova, Tila Tequila is in a unique position actually being able to view them. How, you ask, well, it’s simple, you see, Tila is skilled in remote viewing.

With all of the commotion about the apocalyptic events that may or may not take place in the near future to which you can find my blog post about it HERE, right after that I decided to do a little remote viewing session myself to further investigate what exactly is going on here and this is what I have found:

1) The first thing I saw while remote viewing was this huge blue-ish cloud dust or storm passing by the Earth. Since it looked more like a huge dust storm of sorts, and less of a comet, I would say that what I saw there was probably not Comet ISON… unless Comet ISON is not really a comet, and they’ve got it all wrong? That’s just what I saw while remote viewing so that is just what I am reporting back.

2) As this huge blue-ish dust storm, comet, asteroid, or whatever it was… was headed towards the Earth, because indeed something is definitely on its way here, right as it started to cross the Earth’s entire atmosphere I saw in my remote viewing session that the Sun’s Magnetic Waves was pushing it altogether into another direction, and upon meeting it caused what looked like this “X” and at right at that meeting point a combustion exploded!!! As the Blue-ish energy cloud dust called Ison or whatever, was going one way, and the Suns magnetic waves going another way…. causing this “X” that I saw while remote viewing. Again, upon this meeting point it caused a combustion! Effecting the Earth’s atmosphere and power grids and much more!

3) This immediately led me to think of Zacharia Sitchen and his works. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with Zacharia Sitchen, but he is basically the founder or pioneer for decoding the ancient Sumerian & Annunaki tablets as well as coming up with the theory of the 12th planet. Or “PLANET X” or “NIBIRU” etc. He’s got some very interesting theories and works if you are interested in checking him out. Anyway, what led me to think of him at that very moment as I saw the 2 form this “X” I thought to myself,


And there you have it, she has solved the problem of just where that pesky Planet X is. Of course, that doesn’t matter, since, as anybody that reads her blog can tell you, The End is near. That’s right, we are all going to die. Thankfully, Tila is versed in all manner of religion, and has determined that when the big day comes, and we are all killed, we won’t even notice, we’ll just continue on like we never died, only it will suddenly be a lot nicer here on earth.

I really hope she winds up on Coast to Coast AM or on Art Bell’s new show, Dark Matter.  I would love for someone to try to actually interview her on this stuff, maybe find out just why exactly she went off the deep end.  As far as I know, Tila doesn’t have a tragic back story like Corey does.  Her family moved to the USA, she got on MySpace, and through the magic of boobs, got millions of friends.  She then wound up on TV where she got naked and made out with anything that moved.  She tried singing and then moved on to being an attention whore, and now this.  Is this just a new way to be an attention whore?  Did she take one to many bottles of piss to the head at the Gathering of Juggalos?  Is a sudden lack of fame enough to make you into a conspiracy nut?  Was she always like this, but she kept it hidden under all her whorishness?

You know what, I actually don’t care why she’s flipped her shit.  I just want her on TV again, only this time, I want her investigating conspiracies.  Could you just imagine how this show would play out?  Just picture Tila wearing her finest lingerie while talking with Giorgio Tsoukalos about the alien origins of the Illuminati  They should be able to get at least one or two season out of it…