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How I predict “How I Met Your Mother” will end

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHEREverybody thinks that the show is about how Ted finds his true love and fathers some children. I don’t think that’s what it’s about. Think about it, the show is called, “How I Met Your Mother.” Even if this were a story being told by Grandpa Simpson in his most senior of moments, he would have gotten to the point three, maybe four seasons ago.

There are two women who have been in the every episode, Robin and Lily.

Lily is married to Ted’s best male friend, he cannot break up this marriage. It destroy their friendship and leaves the show on a sad note. I doubt they are going to spend the final season building up a ruined friendship and broken marriage, it just wouldn’t be good and people wouldn’t watch.

That leaves Robin, a woman who Ted has dated before, and still loves. But she is marrying Barney, Ted’s next closest male friend. Now, they could always end the season by having Robin profess her love for Ted, and then sending Barney back to his womanizing ways, but again, people wouldn’t like that. They watched Barney evolve as a character, and just putting him back to start would be hated by critics and fans, likewise, there would be hurt feelings, and quite possibly ruined friendships.

If Ted can’t marry either of the women that make sense, then who does he marry? The answer, is nobody. Her is my prediction about how it will end.

The season opens with either one of the couples expecting a new child. If it’s Robin, it will be twins. They have the children early in the season, and everybody seems to be settling down into family life. Ted watches both families grow, but still doesn’t have a woman to call his own. Then one day, he is asked to babysit at the last minute by which ever couple had the most recent kid, he agrees because he loves the kids and his friends need him. We have your typical clueless uncle babysitting the kids episode (Remember Uncle Jessie and Joey cleaning baby Michelle in the kitchen sink? Yeah, just like that.) As we near the end of the episode, Ted gets a phone call. He suddenly stands up straight, drops the baby toys in his hand and says, “I’ll be there as fast as I can.” The episode ends with him standing outside the ICU or emergency room. Doctors are working furiously to save Ted’s friends, who are barely clinging to life after a car accident. The episode ends as both are lost.

The finale will open back at the hospital. Ted and the surviving couple are heart-broken. They don’t know what to do. Ted still has the children and he cares for them the best he could. He is approached shortly by an attorney. It turns out that the couple had recently made changes to their will, stating that if he agrees, Ted will take custody of the children. Ted now has two children that are legally his own, even though he did not father them. The episode ends with an aged Bob Sagat sitting in a recliner, the two kids sitting beside him, and the camera slowly zooms into a picture behind him of the group of friends and their kids that was taken earlier this season.

You see, the story isn’t about Ted finding love, it’s a nostalgic tale about his friends. He’s not telling his kids about his love life, he’s telling them about how awesome their real parents were. This is the story of their life as seen through Ted’s eyes. While yes, it ends on a sad note, its one that is perfect for the story. At the end, we’ll see the older Ted shedding a tear, and adopted kids smiling and listening intently. It’s a touching and heartfelt ending to a story about best friends.

Now, I guess I should say that I may have missed something. I don’t exactly watch the show, so there are some details that I probably don’t know. I do know that Ted has a couple of kids, so he needs to adopt two. Lily already has one, but she was also just pregnant, so they may not want to do the same thing with her again. Robin being pregnant would be a different dynamic than Lily, so I’m thinking it’s going to be her. Plus, since Ted still loves Robin, in a way, he would be passing that love on to her kids as well.

There are a few details that may change from what I predicted. For instance, Ted may still get married, but they don’t have kids. In fact, if Ted get’s married or finds a girl this season, we may even find that she can’t have kids at all. This will just be to throw us off. If she can’t have children, then she can’t be the mother, right? Likewise, it’s possible that it’s not a car accident that kills them. It could also be a dangerous home intruder, such as the one in the picture below.

How-I-Met-Your-Mother meets obama
OK, I actually wrote this whole thing just so I could have an excuse to make this picture…