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I’m pretty sure these guys are just trolls

I wasn’t happy with their Superman Versus Goku fight. There were issues with both Superman and Goku’s actions in the fight, but I’ve said before that it all comes down to who is writing the story. I didn’t really look at any of their other fights until someone posted Link Versus Cloud.

How does Link beat Cloud? The fight is supposed to remove the characters emotions and conscience. It’s supposed to be two fighters fighting to the best of their abilities. That’s why Harry Potter starts the fight with Aveda Kadevra, one of the unforgivable curses which he otherwise would never have used outside of Voldemort and those closest to. Hell, he felt terrible using Sectumsempra against his secondary arch nemesis and got rid of the book. Had it been Harry from the books, he would have tried disarming Luke first. Of course, Luke starting off with the Jedi Mind Trick, which he knows doesn’t work against strong minds (Which Harry Potter would definately have, even without the Occlumency lessons), probably wasn’t appropriate.

A couple things about the fight, Link gets a bunch of his toys; but Cloud, they decided would limit his attacks to the Buster Sword, and fire and lightening materia, they did give him some nice armor though. Now, if they are going to let Superman blow up the Earth, and have Harry Potter start off the fight with an Unforgivable Curse, why the hell would they limit Cloud this way? Even if they don’t want to give him his Ultimate Weapon from the game, he should at least get the Fusion Swords that he used in Advent Children and other games. In fact, in Advent Children, we see the Buster Sword has been thrust into the ground and is used to mark the place where Zack died. He doesn’t carry the Buster Sword anymore, it was just his starting weapon, and he’s moved on.

Let’s look at a few numbers. Cloud starts off with 300 HP, Link starts with 3 hearts, with that, we can put one heart equal to 100 HP. Link can get at most, 20 heart containers, at 100 HP apiece, they add up to 2000 HP. Cloud can get a maximum of 9999 HP, five times Link. There aren’t any stats that I can find for Zelda monsters, but, most games start off the same. Starting enemies both die in a couple hits for both Cloud and Link. Cloud does about 40 damage with the Buster Sword at the start of the game. Links swords multiply the damage as they improve, with the most powerful being eight times as powerful from the start. This means that Links most powerful version of the Master Sword would do 320 damage with each hit. Cloud’s damage maxes out at 9999 with his upper end weapons.

Link would need to hit Cloud 31 times to kill him, Cloud needs to only hit link once to kill him five times over. As they even show in the video, you can impale Cloud, and he’ll just use it as another way to get in close. Since Clouds Ultima weapon has a 110% hit chance before any defense modifiers, it’s probably a good chance that he gets at least one on hit in.

Then we come to materia, they only gave him fire and lightening because he didn’t want to hurt the lifestream, but as I said before, other fighters didn’t give a damn about any morals that they may or may not have shown in any of their franchises, why would Cloud be limited? He’s got 8 slots in the Ultima Weapon, and with the rules, summons are out, but give him Counterattack, Quad Cut, Mug, Quad Magic, Enemy Skill, or any of the more powerful spells. They are all linked slots, so with Added Effect, he can give Link any status effect. Add in Heal or Fullcure materia, and Clouds already large HP lead is multiplied several times more. That’s not including adding any of the Master Materia which would give access to all skills under that category. Just damage wise alone, Sneak Attack, Speed Plus, or Pre-Emptive would help him get that first shot in before Link was even ready.

Link fans will say that Nayru’s Love would have won Link the match right there, but it’s only for a limited time, and Link needs to have enough magic to use it. Once that runs out, he’s a goner. Cloud will weather attacks (remember it takes quite a few attacks to take Cloud down), and while he’s being attacked, his Limit Break would got up until he get’s to do this

Remember, each hit is doing 9999 damage. Five times what it takes to kill Link.

You see, Link’s battles are based on puzzles. You have to find a weak point, which causes the monster to fall down, then you attack another weak point. Maybe you use the bow or hookshot to manipulate things in the background or move around. Cloud has some puzzle like battles, but mostly, he fights by dealing massive amounts of damage. There won’t be an arrow on Cloud pointing out where to hit so that his armor opens up.