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I’m probably done with consoles


I’ve been a console player for many years. Many, many years. Ever since I first sat down in front of my grandparents TV and saw their new Intellivision. I played on computers too, but after Doom II, I never really had a computer that could handle the more modern games of the time. I’ve since pretty much moved back to being a PC gamer. At this time, I’m not planning on buying any of the new consoles. They each have some advantages, but they also have a lot of drawbacks.

WiiUWii U

I’m not a fan of the Wii.  It’s the least powerful of the last gen consoles, and pretty much every game requires you to flail around like a jackass to play.  The Wii U, is still less powerful than the last gen consoles, and it still has motion contols, but they’ve added the new touch screen tablet thingy.  I can see a lot of good that could come out of this.  Imagine playing an RPG with three of your friends.  Each of your friends takes up a different role in the adventuring party, while you are the dungeon master.  You have the full map on that little screen, and you can move the monsters around while they try to wander through the darkened catacombs, unaware of what is around the next corner.

Or imagine being a wizard needing to cast a spell, so you draw the runes required on the screen.  Or playing online with friends, and needing to organize your inventory.  Instead of having to take up the screen interrupting game play, you can can do it all on the little screen.

Remember Steel Battalion?  The mech fighting game that came with it’s own giant control set to mimic being in an actual mech, just imagine playing a similiar game on the Wii U.  Lay the controller on a table in front of you, and then put all the dashboard type info on it.

If I saw games that were built around this type of control scheme, instead of games that had it forced into them, I would buy a WiiU in a heart beat.  What I don’t want to see are games like Clone Wars on the DS, where you ignore the joysticks that are readily available and instead force players to use the touch screen for everything, including movement.


XBoxOneXBox One

You’ve been the whipping boy of the console wars, and each press release just has you adding more fuel to the fires.  You’re trying to turn the console experience into the PC experience, and in doing so, you are forgetting why people who buy consoles want.  Of course, the console experience of my youth has long since been dead.  Gone are the days friends crowding around the same machine for a night of gaming.  These days, if you want to punch the bastard that picked Oddjob in Goldeneye, you’ll probably have to actually drive to his house to do it.  Plus, as a friend pointed out, I would have more freedoms with my XBone games than I do with my Steam games.  That said, I rarely see sales in Xbox Live Arcade like I do on Steam.  When Microsoft starts a sale that puts games at 75% off, maybe I’ll start to change my mind.

And if you want me to really change my mind, how about a subscription service?  Make it like GameFly, but for digital downloads.  Let me download one game at a time (or more depending on my plan) play it for however long I want, then uninstall it and download another.  If I like it, let me pay a little extra and keep it.  Make it that easy and people will sign up for it.

Likewise, eventually, when you finally shut down all those servers that you brought on and keep bragging about, you know, the ones that you have to check into every 24 hours or you can’t play any games, including single player games?  Yeah, when you eventually shut them down like you did the ones for the original Xbox Live service, please make sure that you release an update that kills the DRM on the XBone first.  Don’t make our games unplayable because you want to be dicks.




You’ve been coming out pretty good in the Great Console War, Sony, so don’t screw this up.  Everybody seems to be able to overlook your new pay for online play plan, even if it is going to be more expensive than Microsoft’s, so you better make it the best that we have ever seen.  Don’t screw this up by trying to sneak in any of the shit that you have a history of trying to sneak in, and don’t lie about shit like you did with the PS3.

There is a lot of talk about how you are opening up the console for indie developers.  This is good.  Let them all come in and release games.  Give them a big open market place to run around in.  The only things you should do is make sure that the games aren’t just copies of another game, and that they don’t have any malicious code in them.  Otherwise, let it all through.  Let me download anything and everything.



Out of all the consoles, this is the one that I’ll probably wind up buying if I get one.  It’s an Android system that the developers have said multiple times that they will keep it open and allow us to hack the hell out of it.  This is awesome.  What does this mean though?  Will you have the steps to root it on your website?  Will you make it easy for us to install what ever ROM we want?  Will you try to force us to use just your Ouya app store, or can we install the Google Play store and Amazon Store with no trouble?

Right now, I have my old Moto Bionic sitting in its media dock connected to my TV, so that I can stream videos using Plex or Youtube.  I’d love to replace it with an Ouya.  This promise of openness is what is making me want to buy some goofy little box that will put Angry Birds on my TV.  Don’t screw things up by trying to lock the damn thing down.