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It’s a Science Party!

 I have previously stated that I’m done with the Republican Party.  It’s just been disappointment after disappointment with those jerks.  I would take it a step further, and say that all the parties are disappointments, which is why we need a new party, a party whose goal is to actually fix things, not just throw money at a problem and say they fixed it.  A party of Science.

There would be several goals of the party, all geared towards improving the lives of citizens via scientific advancements and technology.  Two of the main ones would be:

  • Education.

Other countries are passing us by as they put out more engineers and scientists.  We need to put the U.S.A. back on top.

To start, we need to make sure that our children have an interest in science.   To do this, we would first set up a grant to fund science educational programming.  This money would be available to any channel, so long as the show airs between 8AM and 9PM, and is educational.  Doesn’t matter if it’s something like Bill Nye or The Universe, as long as it is geared towards teaching.  The shows must also be made available to streaming services and on DVD for sale at major retailers, not just on their website.

 Then we need to clean out our schools.  We would look at other school systems where they are putting out brighter and smarter graduates and copy some of their methods.  Schools need to focus on education people, not just acting as babysitters.  As stated in the video above, we need to update the curriculum.  A lot has happened in the last hundred and fifty years and our students should be learning them.  More emphasis would be placed on computers and the internet as well.  Since it would be too expensive to buy new textbooks every year, more information could be gained from the internet and accessing what is put out by groups like NASA and CERN.

A college educations should be the goal of every student after graduation, and I am fine with the government helping students that keep their grades up.  I also believe that the amount of help that the student receives should be in proportion to the usefulness of their degree.  Again, we need more engineers and scientists to come out of our schools.  If you are a good student, and going for a hard science degree, you may just receive a free ride.  If you are getting a doctorate in the history of Eastern European Poetry, well, we’ll offer a loan with a decent interest rate.  This isn’t to say that they arts aren’t important, we are just looking at a return on investment.  What are the chances that your theater degree will go towards a career in waiting tables versus a degree in computer science?

  • Clean Energy.

 It would be nice if we had cars that ran on solar power and everybody’s house ran on wind, but currently, it’s just not possible.

Electric cars would be nice, but the range is too short, and there aren’t enough places to recharge, for most people to want one.  That’s also ignoring how the environmental impact of both building and disposing of their batteries.  Instead, we should be focusing on making oil cleaner and more efficient  improving hybrid technology, and doing more research into alternate technologies.  I’ve seen people who have developed engines that run on everything from compressed air to liquid nitrogen.

More research into greener buildings needs to be done.  How can we implement solar, wind, or other energy producing technologies can we work into a skyscraper? What can we do for individual homes to make them more efficient?

Our goals would mostly be long term.  It’s going to take a few years for the programs to take effect, and even longer to wait for students to graduate.  Scientists are used to this, as research data is reviewed many times before findings are released (except when they have an exceptional claim to announce like faster than light neutrinos).  That’s not saying that we are writing off adults or have any short term goals.  We would ensure that options to continue education, whether it be via degree or even workshops to teach new technology to those that have already gone through schooling would be made available.  We would work to improve the current bureaucratic processes that we depend on in our day to day lives.

I’m going to have to see what exactly I need to do to start a party, and then I need to convince people like Neil deGrasse Tyson to be our spokes person and find some good candidates. The last one will probably be the most difficult.