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I used to love these books as a kid (Read as, I still love these books!”). The stories, combined with Stephen Gammell’s super creepy illustrations were the scariest things that I had ever seen. Now, adding the voice of George S. Irving just makes it all the more terrifying.

We listened to some of this last night before we went to bed. After hearing The Big Toe, we both agreed that we didn’t know which was creepier about it. The fact that there is a ghost of some kind looking for his toe, or the fact that it is treated as perfectly normal for a child to find a toe in a field, bring it home, and have his parents serve it up for dinner.

Thinking back though, when my did had a finger cut off, my mom brought it home and buried it in the flower bed, so I guess finding an appendage wouldn’t be that weird, but cooking and eating it? Yeah, that’s still just plain weird.

I could see getting the family together, turning out the lights, putting this on, and then hiding in the shadows to scare the kids at the right moments. Of course, if you already have all the Scary Stories books, and you want something new, you could always just check out some Creepypasta.

Speaking of Halloween traditions, the ADA is looking to make some changes to the greatest tradition of all. Now, this is nothing new, for years there is always that one house that gives out toothbrushes or apples that don’t have a candy coating. Nobody likes these candyless houses. But, there may be a change. They’ve teamed up with PopCap Games to offer a free Plants Versus Zombies game on Halloween. I don’t know if it’s the actual game, or if it’s a different minigame based on Plants Versus Zombies, but it’s bound to be fun. Head on over to to get your free coupons to print out for trick or treaters.