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I’ve been playing a bit of Minecraft lately

I’ve been playing on the MinerAP server for a little while now. The rules are pretty simple. Don’t do things that will mess up the server, don’t cheat, steal and kill what ever you can. Sure, there are groups that have banded together, but it still leads to a lot of paranoia. I’ve had to move my secret stashes twice now after people have found them and raided my stuff. (What they could, that is…)

Even though it’s got is share of dicks, there are still quite a few people on there who are pretty nice, and they have some rather nice settlements built for people to gather at. There are also some pretty nice looking skeletons of settlements that fell to attacks and griefers too, so I guess it pretty much evens out. My only real annoyance about the server is the lack of mobs. There are barely any pigs, or chickens that spawn since most people have hidden farms that they breed tons of them. Likewise, I have yet to actually see a cow on this server. Hostile mobs tend to come in waves. For a while, there won’t be any, then they’ll make some change on the server, and suddenly, they spawn by the dozens.

I’ve started working on my first above ground build. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. I was thinking of making a tower full of gardens and livestock, but as I said, there isn’t really any livestock.

On the upside, I have found that Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, and the guys from Corridor Digital (possibly including Freddie Wong) also play on this server, or at least they were for a while. I don’t think I’d care if I ever saw another cow again if it meant that I could meet Pendleton Ward.

I’ve been running my own server too. Nothing special, just me and a few friends. No mods, but we’ve all go OP, so we can build what ever we want. Thinking of taking away the OP from everybody though. Maybe even starting a new world. Making my own version of the Miner Apocalypse server, just with less griefing and things getting ruined.

I opened up a new world in single player and asked for a good seed from my girlfriend. She had no clue what I was talking about. She did, however, remember back to something I shouted out while watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit earlier. The seed used was “Jerk Off Dad”, a name I gave to the person I thought was going to wind up as the perp. I was wrong, but the name was determined to be hilarious.

I built a small farm and workshop at the spawn point, and a road leading to the nearest village. I may import this into my server. With Glitch gone, I know there are a lot of people looking for a new game. If the girlfriend starts playing, maybe I’ll invite a few of them onto the server too.

How ever I do it, I know that I will still keep all my stuff hidden deep under ground in a secret vault that nobody knows about, because while I don’t trust strangers from stealing my stuff, I trust my friends even less…