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Jack Dies at the End

Jack Dies At The End

I’ve seen this meme about a hundred times over the last few days, and it looks like once again, the internet is falling all over themselves about movie trivia without even remembering what actually happened in the movie. How many of you actually watched Titanic? Do you remember what happened at the end?

That right there, is an elderly Rose, pulling the gem out of her pocket and dropping it into the ocean. Now, I know what some of you are going to say. Maybe she recovered the gem somehow. Maybe she raised the hundreds of millions of dollars that would have been required to purchase it (the Heart of the Ocean was stated to be worth more than the Hope Diamond, which is worth at least $200). Remember, she lived her new life in the States as a poor person. Even if she saved every penny she made working as a waitress or maid or what ever, she never would have made enough.

But let’s also remember, right after she was rescued and set foot on US soil, she reached her hand into her pocket and found the gem.

Jack didn’t abscond with it, he fell into the ocean, just as poor as when he boarded the Titanic, and then he washed up on the shores of Limbo…

Titanic and Inception

Fan theories are fine, just as long as they follow what actually happens in the movie.

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