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Joe Biden doesn’t understand firearms

According to Joe Biden, if someone breaks into your house, your best option is to grab a double-barreled shotgun, stand on your balcony, and fire off both barrels. This is supposed to scare the intruders away. It’s this statement that assures me that Biden knows absolutely nothing about firearms or firearm safety.

Let’s break this down. Home invasions normally happen at night. Biden, seems to think that it’s a good idea to fire a gun, not once, but twice, blindly into the night. Sure, maybe you scare away the burglar, but I’m guessing that what ever you happen to be shooting at isn’t all that happy, and neither will you when they file their lawsuit. I wonder if Biden would mind being called to take the stand in your defense, after all, he told you to do it.

Then there is his choice of firearm, a double-barreled shotgun. Double barrel means you have two shots, both of which you just fired into your neighbor’s roof. Now you have to reload, this involves opening the gun, and then manually pulling the shells out and putting two more in. You better hope that you did indeed scare away the intruders, because if they weren’t scared off, you’ll be too busy reloading to defend yourself when they kick the doors in.

If you want a shotgun to use for home defense, you need to get a good pump-action shotgun, either a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870. Then, load the tube, but leave the chamber clear. If someone breaks in, you work the pump. The sound of a pump-action shotgun is one of the scariest sounds that you can hear. It will let any intruders know that there is danger to them should they proceed, but not put them on a defensive because they think they are being shot at. You want to trigger flight, not fight instincts here. Likewise, since this process actually prepares your gun to fire, you are ready if they weren’t scared off. And of course, you neighbors will be much happier, as you haven’t shot their house.

I heard someone say that Obama probably isn’t all that serious about gun control, after all, if gun control was important to him, would he have put Biden in charge of it?