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This year, Jupiter will eclipse the Moon!

Jupiter passing between the earth and moon

For the first time in over a thousand years, Jupiter will pass between the Earth and Moon.  On October 1st, keep your eyes on the moon, and you’ll see this amazing eclipse take place take place just after 2 AM.  But that’s not all…  


You’re also an idiot.

No, Jupiter will not pass between the Earth and our moon.  It won’t even come close.  In fact, Jupiter won’t come any closer than 355 Million miles.  That’s over a hundred times the distance from the Earth to the moon.  You know what else isn’t going to happen?

Mars isn’t going to suddenly show up in our sky like another moon.  Sorry, but if you bought that one, your double the idiot.  Mars is 140 Million miles away.  To compare, the moon is only 238,855 miles.  This stupid myth/hoax has been passed around for years.

If you’re curious about what Mars actually looks like in the night sky, I’d like to show you this picture, provided by Universe Today (who debunked this very same myth last year):


That is all the bigger Mars will ever get to us.  It will never look like nothing more than a slightly larger star.

Even Venus, which is almost twice as big, and over twice as close to us as Mars, is tiny compared to our view of the moon.


So please, think before you share as stupid as this.  Even if you can’t think for yourself, and get all your information from what other idiots post on Facebook, you can still do a Google search, the first link is a Snopes article saying that it’s false.  This one little step will keep you from looking stupid, and help prevent others from believing in myths with absolutely no basis in reality.