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Just a couple of pictures

Just a couple pictures12

Went back to my parents for the Annual Maple Syrup Festival. While there, I got to enjoy such fun things as waiting in line for an hour and a half for all you can eat pancakes. I didn’t bring my camera there, however, I did take a few picture around their place. First up, is the old tree that got struck by lightening. As I was told by my grandmother, the whole top of the tree turned into a ball of fire that just rolled down the trunk, leaving it with the vaguely sinister look that it has today

Since the internet loves cats so much, I’ll start with them

Then move on to some shots around the house

I should probably add, the other reason that I went back home over the weekend…

Just a couple pictures23

Yes, this is a dot matrix printer. They still have one, and they still use it, and I get called when it breaks.

Next, here are a few I’ve had hanging around that I took around town here.

Lastly, is this picture I took of this crazy flying grandma painted on the side of a costume store

Just a couple pictures22

I don’t why she’s there, or what other special powers she may have, but if it’s a costume they have in the store, I think I know what my next Halloween costume will be…