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Kingdom Death: Monster

I was never really able to get into miniatures games. I wanted to, but it just never worked out. I picked up a whole bunch of Mage Knight boosters a while ago, only to find out that they were an older series, and that everybody plays Hero Clicks now instead. I then bought a bunch of D&D Miniatures for use in campaigns, and found that I liked playing the miniatures game too, but only when I could find someone to play. I’ve even got Heroscape laying around somewhere. I think it got played maybe once. I never got into any of the more popular games though, since they all required way too much attention to detail with all the measuring and painting of small parts…

Kingdom Death may be my next attempt to play a miniatures game. All the players take roles of villagers, with the monster being controlled by a deck of specified cards, so it’s entirely co-op. I haven’t seen much regarding the actual board, but setup doesn’t look too difficult. Plus, the pieces and art look fantastic.

Combat looks simple enough. And the game includes RPG elements where you can use resources earned in combat to craft gear and improve your settlement. They’ve got plenty to offer on their Kickstarter from pinups of different characters, special miniatures, art books, and of course, the game itself and many expansions.

While I don’t really want to buy another game that I will probably never play, this one looks too good not to pick up.

Check out more on the official site, and of course, head over to their Kickstarter to give them some cash and secure your copy.