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Know Your Rights!


I’ve been seeing a lot of shit about Hobby Lobby being posted all over social media over the last couple days, and there is one thing that most people seem to get wrong, and that’s how your rights actually work.

You see, here’s the things about your rights, they are all things that the government cannot stop you from doing, or that they cannot do to you.  For instance, thanks to the First Amendment, you are free to speak your mind, you can practice what ever religion you wish, you can protest the government, and you can even publish it all in your own news paper.  Continuing on, thanks to the Fourth Amendment prevents the government from searching you, your home, or your car, without having a proper warrant.  Read through the whole Bill of rights, they are all pretty much the same because that’s what a right is.

Let’s look a little closer now.  As I said, the First Amendment gives us our Freedom of Speech.  You are free to say what ever you want, and the government can’t stop you, however, they do not have to provide you with the means to speak out.  They don’t give you a talk show, they don’t print a pamphlet for you, and they won’t host your blog.  These are all things you have to do on your own if you want to practice your right.  Likewise, my rights cannot force you to do anything.  If I buy a printing press, and self publish a paper, I cannot force you to read it.

This is true for all my rights.  I can practice whatever religion I want, but I can’t force you to join it, nor will the government build my church.

I can carry a gun, but they weren’t purchased with tax dollars, and I can’t shoot you unless you are attempting to deprive me of my other rights.

What does this have to do with Hobby Lobby?

Well, everybody that is upset about the ruling is stating that it is depriving women of their right to healthcare because Hobby Lobby isn’t going to pay for it.  By that logic, my current employer is depriving me of my freedom of speech because I have to pay my own hosting fees.

You see, you may have a right to health care, but like all of your other rights, that doesn’t mean that someone has to provide it to you.  Complaining that you are being deprived of your right to something because someone doesn’t want to pay for it is a lot like complaining that your employer isn’t making your tithe for you at church, or that bullets aren’t part of my benefits package, it’s absurd.

Likewise, this ruling doesn’t open it up for business to feed their employees to lions or sacrifice them to Cthulhu, because again, they can’t force you to follow their religion, or deprive you of your rights in the practice of theirs.

If you think your boss should buy your healthcare, that’s fine.  If you think they should pay for birth control, again, that’s fine.  If you want to try to make it a law, you are free to do so.  Just don’t call it a right, because that’s not how rights work.