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Lovecraft Lingerie

Lovecraft Lingerie 03

Like any red blooded american male, I have an appreciation for lingerie. Whether it’s in the bedroom or used as club wear, lingerie is never really a bad thing… Unless you put the cold soulless stare of Howard Philips Lovecraft on the front of it.

It doesn’t matter how sexy you are on the dance floor in this thing, I can guarantee you that the second we got back to the bedroom, this thing would have to come off before anything happens. While his wife may have described him as an adequate lover, the last thing I want to do as I climax is make eye contact with H.P. Lovecraft.

Lovecraft Lingerie 06

If Sexy Time with Lovecraft is your kind of thing, there is some bad news, Synthetic Soul, the maker of this fine garment, is currently on hiatus, so you’ll have to do your shopping elsewhere…

On a related side note, I have discovered that “Lovecraft” appears to be a rather popular name for sex shops. If he were alive today, I wonder what he would think after stumbling across this site(NSFW) while googling his name…