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McGruff got arrested,

McGruff the Drug Dog

You’ve probably seen the story about McGruff the Crime Dog by now.  His home was raided, and they found 1000 pot plants, 27 firearms including a grenade launcher, and 9,000 rounds of ammo.  There are two assumptions that people are making when they first read about it, and both are wrong.

First, you probably thought this was the voice actor from the old commercials.  It wasn’t, he only put on the costume for the local sheriffs office.

Now, I should say, I actually can’t find anything that details the actual charges that he plead guilty to, so I could be wrong here, but the second assumption deals with the grenade launcher.

Knowing what I know about the journalists abilities of distinguishing various firearms, I wonder what they actually found on this raid. For example:

None of these are legally considered “grenade” launchers. You can buy a launcher of up to 37mm in size, and it’s considered a flare gun or line thrower. This means that all the restrictions you have with a firearm are pretty much gone. You can order one online and have them shipped right to your house without any background checks. There is one major limitation to purchasing a 37mm “Flare Gun”, you can’t buy any 37mm grenades. Once you come into possession of any of them, it stops being a flare gun, and actually becomes a grenade launcher.

Don’t worry though, if you really want to own a grenade launcher or even grenades, you can! Under Title II of the National Firearms Act, all you have to do is pay for a $200 tax stamp from Uncle Sam, and then pass a background check.

That said, owning 27 firearms, 9,000 rounds of ammunition, and even a grenade launcher, are not illegal.

1,000 pot plants are still illegal though, and even in Colorado, it would have been enough to put him away.

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