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Nick Meli is a hero

Nick Meli, a firearm owner and concealed carry permit owner, decided to go to the Clackamas Town Center a few days ago. This same day, Jacob Tyler Roberts, also decided to go to the mall.

These two men had two very different agendas. The first, wanted only to do some shopping, while the second had plans for murder.

After hearing the shots ring out through the mall, Nick Meli pulled his own gun and confronted the shooter. Seeing more civilians behind the mad man, he was unable to take a shot, however, just being there was enough. Roberts fled the confrontation, retreating into a stairwell where he took his own life.

Every fear about concealed carry was put to rest by Nick Meli. He did not shoot blindly into the crowd. He did not escalate the situation. What he did do was show that he was willing to put a stop to evil. He showed that he had great restraint in not shooting Roberts when it was not safe to do so. And he showed one insane animal that he no longer had a mall full of easy targets, causing the coward to take his own life.

I feel I should also add that civilians with guns are not a bad thing, and as seen here, can put an end to danger before police can arrive. As such, maybe we should be rethinking so-called Gun Free Zones as a way of protecting people. Killers don’t care about the restriction, and only law-abiding citizens, who would other wise be able to defend themselves, are the ones who are prevented from carrying their legal firearms.

Now if only there was a way to let the White House know what we wanted…