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The Nightcrawlers of Fresno


I don’t know why I like them so much, but I think that the Nightcrawlers may be my favorite cryptid.

The original video didn’t say anything about what they were or why they were there. They didn’t talk to anybody. They didn’t take anything. All they did was walk across the field. They aren’t just another Bigfoot or Nessie clone or just a bigger form of a normal animal, and they aren’t as run into the ground as Slenderman is.

Why are they here? What are they? Who knows!

Maybe they are aliens out for a walk, or some friendly nature spirits making sure the trees are growing strong and healthy.

Of course, they could be looking for children to steal or livestock to vivisect.

It’s a complete mystery, and that’s good. A part of me wants to do something with them. Maybe put them in a game or write something with them. I’ve got a pretty blank slate to work with. As long as they walk funny and wear white pants, I’m keeping with the existing mythology.

But, wouldn’t doing so kinda ruin the mystery? Best case scenario, maybe I create the next Marble Hornets and spawn something bigger and better than the original short video clip.

Worst case scenario, I create the next Marble Hornets and spawn hundreds of low quality derivatives that reduce them to crayon drawings, bad camera work, and slash fiction with The Rake or Jeff the Killer…

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files gave a shot at debunking them but couldn’t duplicate the video. Captain Disillusion also gave a shot at debunking them, but as he said, it’s kind of hard to do so when the video quality is so bad.

Myself, I don’t care if they are real or a hoax, I just think these things look neat, and I probably am going to have to get a crappy night vision camera to make a video of them myself.