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In a bout of nostalgia, I started looking around on Amazon, when I looked up the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books.  The first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t find the cover with the awesomely creepy Stephen Grammell art.  Then I discovered that they were reprinted, but with a new artist.

Forget about Michael Bay making movies featuring characters from a half hour action figure commercial that you used to watch as a kid, or anything that Lucas has changed since Return of the Jedi was first released.  THIS IS WHAT RAPING MY CHILDHOOD IS ALL ABOUT!  It’s like saying that not only did Han not shoot first, but that instead of shooting, he just hugged Greedo.  It’s saying that Jar Jar is the one who becomes Vader.  Let’s face it, the stories themselves weren’t all that creepy.  Sure, there were a few good ones in there, but a lot of them were pretty silly.  The real scary part were the illustrations.  Each time you turned the page, you were greeted with one of those horribly frightening images.  They were what made the book so good, and removing them is the worst idea ever.

If you’ve got a lot of money lying around burning holes in things, you can pick up the original trilogy for $175 on amazon, or try to find each individual book.  It’s not going to be cheap either way, and I know, when I head back to the folks house this Thursday, I’m digging these books out of storage and making sure that they are kept nice and safe.