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Please don’t make a Black Panther movie

Black Panther 01

Everybody seems to be excited for a Black Panther movie.  “He’s like an African Wolverine” or “We need more black super heroes”, are the two main reasons I’ve heard people say that they are excited about it.

Myself, I don’t think he’s the best choice, for a couple of reasons really…

I’m not saying that he’s a bad hero, I just think that his origin sucks. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll give you the TL;DR version: A long time ago, a large lump of vibranium (the stuff that Captain America’s shield is made of) fell from space and landed in Africa. Later, a tribe staked out this are as their own, they called their leader the Black Panther. 10,000 years later, they find the vibranium and start using it to better the country. They sell of a little bit of it at a time so that nobody realizes that their country is full of the stuff, even though the Black Panther is the only person selling it, and the country is full of genetic aberrations thanks to all the radiation from the stuff. T’Challa is the current Black Panther, and he rules the country while doing super hero stuff in his vibranium laced costume, and under his and his father’s rule, Wakanda is now the most technologically advanced country in the world.

Now, here is my problem with that. I would like you to look back through out the history of Africa. Any time anybody finds a rare and valuable resource, what happens?

They make movies about the shit that goes on over there

They make movies about the shit that goes on over there

The fact that he’s quite probably a vicious war lord, he also makes sure that his people look like stereotypes in order to keep pretend that they aren’t the most technologically advanced civilization in the world. I have a comic where a guy in a leopard print loin cloth, walks into the server room from Eagle Eye That doesn’t make sense, and it just looks dumb.

Black Panther 03

Here is his army, all dressed up like animals and holding spears. You’re telling me that this guy is a good black superhero? This guy is pretty much Joseph Kony with an army of (literal) spear chuckers. And what does he do when someone attacks Wakanda?

People get up in arms when we burn a couple of books or take some embarrassing photos of detainees, this guy is putting heads on pikes around his country. These are not the actions of a hero, nor are they the actions of a sane leader. They may have wanted to make him a strong black character, but they made him the worst stereo type. The Avengers should be working to overthrow the guy and set up a democracy. Black Panther has more in common with Doctor Doom than Captain America.

If you want a black character to do a movie on, please, pick one of the more interesting ones that aren’t a bad stereotype and make a movie about them. There are plenty of them out there

If for some reason, you do decide to make a Black Panther movie, I would humbly request that you leave out anything about Wakanda. Just stick with the black Wolverine thing, maybe go with an alternate universe version of him.

Like the one where he is actually a hot chick with big boobs.  Go with that version.

Like the one where he is actually a hot chick with big boobs. Go with that version.

  • First off, the comic books scans you’re using to make a case are being taken out of context. In the book where you got them from, Black Panther and the Wakandans are fighting off a Skrull Invasion with nothing but melee weapons because… lo and behold…. the Wakandans and the Skrulls fried each others technology and sabotaged each other’s firearms. So, they had to go primitive. There wasn’t much choice in defending their country, was there?

    Second, the heads on those pikes are Skrulls, the same Skrulls that attempted to invade and kill the Wakandan populace. The same Wakandan populace that started out as a warrior people before their technological advancement. Those people are dressed up that way, wearing traditional battle garbs, representing the Panther God that they worship. They take pride in it, and they also take pride in their king, who is a representative of their God. Many have attempted to invade Wakanda for thousands of years in order to take their Vibranium. All of them (except for Dr. Doom) failed, and were eventually killed. That civilized display of Skrull corpses you’re referring to are lined up on the same ship that they flew in on, and the ship was sent back to where it came from. Even then, this is really only the first time Wakanda has done that. Nothing wrong with making an example out of your enemies. Drug lords are simply drug lords. Nothing more. Al Queda are terrorists. Both are very bad comparisons to Black Panther.

    Third, there are plenty of Black Panther books were Wakandans are using conventional firearms, aircraft, tanks, watercraft, spacecraft and the like. Yes, Wakanda has a powerful military with soldiers that look and dress like soldiers. There are even flying cars and motorcycles. Robotic panthers that protect the palace. Yes, there are people there that wear tribal garments. So? Those people dress like that by choice. Wakanda may lead the world in technology, but it’s still an African nation. Thus, it shouldn’t be bereft of things (CULTURE!) that make it an African nation. On top of that, there are people there that wear decent attire (ranging from nice suits to African textile and fashion), also. The best of both worlds is there. There’s no pretending, as you’ve tried to explain just now.

    Fourth, Black Panther isn’t your traditional superhero. He is very sane, and he has been trained as a warrior since diapers. He’s more of an anti-hero at that, but besides all that, he’s the king of a foreign, isolationist country. He puts his country and his people before himself. Everything that he does, he does for the good of his people. You can’t compare him to Captain America. Their morals and their responsibilities to their respective countries are NOT the same.

    Ultimately, your entire argument is based off of ONE comic book, not two, not several. Thus, the article is nothing ignorant, verbose diatribe. Also, the Black Panther chick with big boobs (congrats on your amazing display of sexism there, buddy) is actually his sister Shuri, and she’s within the same universe as her brother. She is also the same as he is as far as being a Black Panther, but only she has a horrible temper and a lack of self-control. So, technically, she’s worse than he is. Try to come up with a better reason as to why they shouldn’t make a Black Panther movie. It would be better if you brush up on your history of the character a little bit more because it appears as if you don’t know much about the character or his country.

    • Adam

      So, it’s ok to put heads on spikes if it’s an invading army? Is that what you are saying? I’m pretty sure that the Geneva Convention says otherwise. Or are you saying that he can do it because they are skrulls? Even though Skrulls are a developed sentient race, just like humans? Are you telling me that if US Marines were to do something like that after their base was attacked, you wouldn’t be outraged? Or are you saying that it’s OK for them to do it because they are African?

      You say that there is nothing wrong with making an example of your enemies by cutting their heads off, that is EXACTLY what drug lords and Al Qaeda are doing. They are cutting heads off for the same reason that Black Panther did, to send a message to their enemies.

      And I have seen several depictions of Wakanda that weren’t just “the best of both worlds”. One such comic featured a massive supercomputer like Cerebro. T’Challa was sitting in the operator’s chair, when a guy in a loin cloth came in to tell him that the X-Men were there. He then left to meet them, outside the mud building that the computer was housed in. You don’t become the most advanced country in the world, and still live in mud huts wearing animal furs. There is a difference between wearing a Kanzu and wearing a loincloth. One is giving you the best of both worlds, and the other is trying to shoehorn technology into a stereotypical African tribe. I believe that he also threatened to kill them for entering his country too.

      Oh, and look, here are more Wakandan soldiers with spears:

      They are shown as a primitive people on multiple occasions.

      Here is an actual African city:

      Count the people in loin cloths.

      Let’s look at more cities in africa:

      Anybody just draped in animal pelts? No? But I thought that was African culture? I thought you said that is how they were supposed to dress?

      • There’s a difference between Wakanda and Al Queda. The former is protecting their country, and never bothers any other country. They are never the aggressor unless they are provoked by an enemy. The latter is a terrorism organization. The latter ATTACKED our country, and are responsible for several other attacks as well. Again, there’s no comparison. Doesn’t matter if the Skrulls are a sentient race. They came to Wakanda to start something, and the Wakandan defended accordingly. The rest of the world’s heroes also had no mercy on the Skrulls, either. This doesn’t change the fact that your argument is based on one comic book. I’m not even going to talk about drug lords.

        If someone invaded my country, and I was the king of that country, I would make an example out of them, too. I don’t have to be African to believe that.

        I’m not sure what depiction of Wakanda you’re referring to, but I bet that it’s either a) an older version of Wakanda from the 1960s- early 1990s, or b) a depiction of Wakanda from an animated feature. Your picture is from the Avengers cartoon. Nice Google search. Current depictions of Wakanda in comic books are more modern-looking. Emphasis on comic books, the original source material.

        Do you see ANY huts there? There are some people in those pictures that aren’t dressed the way you say they are.

        Let’s look at their military.

        Or, T’Challa’s Dora Milaje and Midnight Angels.

        Any loincloths there? These are CURRENT depictions. Not animated or outdated ones. Never mind how actual African cities look. Wakanda, based on what I posted, has surpassed actual African cities.

        But yes, dressing that way is a part of African culture. There are indigenous tribes in Africa that do dress that way or wear a lot less clothing.

        • Adam

          So, he kept an all female army…

          Just like recently deposed Libyan dictator Gadaffi. He is also standing in front of them weilding a spear…

          Also, speaking of wearing a lot less:

          Exposed boob on the second woman in the crowd from the left.

          • Static Shock

            The Dora Milaje is a group of highly-trained female bodyguards, and more importantly, potential wives-in-training. They aren’t an army, per se.

            The spear is ceremonial. Stop drawing these weak comparisons. Gaddafi supported international terrorism and violated the human rights of his people. T’Challa is a hundred times more fair than he is.

            You’re reaching. She isn’t wearing a loincloth. That attire is common even today in many African metropolitan cities. But, it is mostly worn indoors by women.

            • Adam

              Oh, I wasn’t trying to draw anything from the boob, just remarking about something the artist snuck in. Guess I could have made that more clear.

              • Static Shock

                Ah. Very well. I’ll take your disingenuousness as your concession and move on. Thanks.

                • Adam

                  Meh, was sitting down to eat with family. We can keep going if you want to.

  • My biggest issue with this the thesis “please don’t make a Black Panther movie”. What you’ve written here seems like personal issues with the character and statements about why YOU personally don’t like the character but nothing here about why it wouldn’t benefit Marvel or another film studio to do a film based on the character. Why not, make the film? What does it hurt? Marvel isn’t stupid. If the origin of the character is problematic for them, they will change it..however the things you seem to have an issue with from his origin seem to based in inaccurate comparisons and ignorance on comic related material. I mean just for the simple fact that you say “If you want a black character to do a movie on, please, pick one of the more interesting ones that aren’t a bad stereotype and make a movie about them” and then as an example you use Luke Cage who was completely based in stereotypes on American black people it’s hard to take any of this seriously.

    You issue with the whole “heads on pikes” thing doesn’t sit well with me either. Did you read Secret Invasion? Do you know what it was about? You’re using an extreme situation to question the sanity and heroic properties of the character but Secret Invasion as a series is FULL of gruesome deaths at the hands of superheroes.

    • Adam

      Luke Cage started out as a bad stereotype, but the character has grown beyond that. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t done any jive talking in many years.

      Second, putting heads on spikes is a war crime. It doesn’t matter who starts the war, or who invades who, these actions should have him brought before the Hague.

      • Luke Cage didn’t stop being a “bad stereotype” until the late 90’s, matter of fact I would say the Mid 2000’s. Sadly the “jive talking” Cage was the least racially offensive, I’d say the version that took “hoes” as payment for his services was alot more offensive. Either way though I don’t really see what’s “stereotypical” about Black Panther. Wakandans aren’t primitive people, that’s the exact opposite of what they are. Their culture is however deeply rooted in tradition & their cultist religion.

        Superheroes and superpowered beings don’t exist and neither do aliens. So It’s possible in a fictional world that the same war crime rules don’t apply to “alien invasions”. This isn’t a typical war. I also like how you say “these aren’t the actions of a hero” as you site a story where he saved his country from annihilation. You said the Avengers should be working to overthrow him and usher in a democracy for his country but you forget that many of them have done things that would be considered criminal. You’re also not taking into account that this isn’t a routine thing in Black Panther comics. The Secret Invasion stuff is more than half your reference material and for Black Panther it was over in 2 maybe 3 issues.

        Think for a second about the Punisher. He kills people all the time. He has alot of bodies on his hands. He’s what the comic world calls an “anti-hero” as Static said above, that’s the same category Black Panther would be in. Although what the Punisher does is a crime, he’s not any less a hero. The end result is protecting the innocent and punishing wicked. The Punisher has 3 films BTW. Complete with face shots, burning bodies, & stabbings.

        • Adam

          I remember reading a little of Cage in the early to mid 90’s, and I never saw that. I didn’t read much of his comics back then, so I guess it would have been easy for me to have missed them.

          The Geneva Convention is a thing in the Marvel Universe, Ares mentions it in his Dark Avengers miniseries. The Marvel Universe is actually a lot like ours, they may change a few names, but otherwise, they are experiencing a lot of what we are. When they make war, they are still supposed to follow the Geneva Convention. If their opponent doesn’t, that’s just too bad, you are still supposed to follow it.

          What do you think would happen if Bush had started putting Al Qaeda heads on spikes around the White House? We started fighting a new type of war, against an enemy who showed that they had no problems doing what ever they could to kill as many people in what ever manner possible. Would he have been excused in doing so? Would the UN have said that it was perfectly fine?

          Every hero is generally going to take their turn as a villain, and same for every villain getting a turn as a hero. It’s how they keep things fresh while using the same characters for decades. You’ll generally notice that when a hero turns villain or does something bad, they either do everything they can to hide it or make up for it, or all the heroes start going after them. Likewise, when a villain decides to go hero, there is normally a redeeming act that they perform, and even then, they are typically watched by other heroes to make sure that they don’t fall back to their evil ways.

          The Punisher is a wanted criminal. He is not part of the Avengers and is not sanctioned by any government. In all three films, the Punisher is hunted by cops and criminals. Other heroes may work with Castle at times when it’s needed, but they also usually try to bring him in or convince him to stop what he is doing. Captain America also kicked him out when he tried to join the anti-registration side during the civil war. You’re comparison doesn’t really make Black Panther look good…

          Likewise, you can save everybody in the world and still be a bad guy. In fact, tons of bad guys save people in movies and comics. Take Vader for instance, he saved the galaxy when he threw the Emperor down the shaft (spoiler alert), but he is still remembered by everybody as a villain. I’m not just talking about in the Star Wars universe either, I mean in real life too. It doesn’t matter that Vader won the war for the rebels, the man is a villain.

          • What I’m still not getting here is how any of this equates to why Marvel Studios or another Film Studio SHOULDN’T make a Black Panther film. We can argue all day about the Geneva Convention and whether it was or was not ok for Black Panther to cut off Skrulls head and put them on pikes or write messages in their blood but at the end of the day this all goes back to why YOU personally don’t like the character it’s also an isolated incident and doesn’t actually have much to do with Black Panther as a character and his movie potential. The first Black Panther film would be his origin. Marvel may not even touch on Secret Invasion in an Avengers movie so WHY would anything that happened in it apply in film?

            You said his origin sucks, but nothing you have an issue with actually has anything to do with his origin. The comparison you make with Blood Diamond doesn’t make any sense when you consider that Wakanda is the greatest “superpower” on earth. Marvel did a “What If?” where Iron Man won Civil War and then decided to start invading and overthrowing the government in other nations, he succeded in taking down Doom then went after T’Challa. Black Panther killed Tony Stark and won the war against them, proving how powerful Wakanda is. The things you are saying are stereotypical (not that i’m agreeing they are), could be changed for film. The Thor film showed a much more advanced Asgard as far as technology, but in the comics, Asgard looks like very primitive and true to an ancient time period.

            The reason I brought up the Punisher is to show there is an “in-between”. Anti-Hero is a character type that is used by all publishers that produce “superhero” comics. It’s the line between hero and villain. Black Panther is on that line. He’s not completely considered a hero like Captain America,Superman, etc. he is more like Namor, Deadpool, etc. Those characters are considered ALLIES to superheroes. Captain America may not agree with Frank Castles methods but he’s not completely against him either, which means he can see that his cause is to protect the innocent.

            I can’t speak on Vader because i’m not a Star Wars fan but I think the point of Darth Vader WAS for him to be the villain of that series, that isn’t the case with Black Panther.

  • kareem200

    Love Black Panther, He’s just a badass a Batman….