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The Slender Man Murders

Slender Man

It appears that a couple deranged and stupid little girls decided that it was a good idea to stab one of their friend in order to become agents of Slender Man.  Much like every other crime, people are looking for who to blame, in this case, I’ve seen a couple of articles that are blaming Slender Man.  “Who is Slender Man?”, you ask.  

Well, he’s a creation of the Something Awful forums.  Several years ago, someone came up with the idea of creating new mythological creatures, one guy came up with the idea of a tall man in a dark suit that had no face.  It took off from there with people making up different stories and shopping together all kinds of images.  At that point, he pretty much became a huge art project for a bunch of people with way too much free time.

There were games, stories, video series, pictures, costumes…

Essentially, Slender Man isn’t real.  He may bear some similarities to other legends like the Men in Black. but that doesn’t mean he’s out there giving orders to 12-year-old girls.

Coming soon to a theater near you!

I don’t think Will Smith is real either

These girls were crazy, plain and simple.  Killing someone to become his proxy isn’t even something I’ve ever seen as part of the “mythos” that’s been created around him.  It’s not even part of the Slender Man short film that’s actually titled “Proxy: A Slender Man Story”.  This is some shit that they completely pulled out of their asses.

Slender Man didn’t make these girls kill.  Hell, if they had never heard of him, they probably would have just focused on some other character, and you’d be reading about he Grinch Killings, or Jack Skelington Slayings.

The problem isn’t movies, video games, or any other form of media, it’s the crazy people who latch onto and twist them into their own little fantasies.

The problem is parents that raise people like this without seeing that there are problems or seeking help when they do.

The problem is a mental health system that is broken.

The problem is a school system that is afraid to do anything when it’s needed, but will kick your kid the hell out if they draw a picture of a gun because that’s what’s politically correct at this time.

Parents, take an interest in what your kids are doing.  If your child does something this ridiculous, you have failed them.  These girls didn’t just wake up that morning and decide to do this out of the blue.  You should know if your child is plotting the murder of someone.  You should know if they are worshiping a fictional character.

And if your child is too fucked up for you to control, then you are the one that should get them the help they need.

You’re parents, fucking act like it.