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Slender Man

Slender Man

I saw this one on Reddit, and I think it would make an awesome game, if it was done right.

Like I said in the thread on Reddit, you need to forget everything from Marble Hornets. It’s not a game that has you running through the woods at night. It’s not just one person alone against Slender Man. There are tons of people, everything happens during the day, and there is not one single piece of notebook paper with a stick figure drawn on it. This isn’t a game about the Operator, it’s a game about Slender Man.

The game opens on a grassy field, there are children in tunics and dresses playing in a field. Then, in the background, behind a tree, is a tall man in a suit. The camera then pans across the field, putting itself in a 3rd person view. Not everybody can see you at first. Children can always see you, but they don’t always know that you are evil. Only a few adults can see you at first. Your goal, is to capture the children and squirrel them away into your pocket dimension before they all escape, or you are stopped by an adult.

Essentially, you will lure the kids off where nobody can see you, and then suck them into your shadow realm. If another kid sees you do this, they will be scared and run away. Some will hide, others will find adults. The adults of course, will not believe the kids, but they will come out anyways to make sure everyone is OK. In general, like I said, most can’t see you, even if you touch them. However, the more you interact with them, the more of a chance of them seeing you there is. Initially, you are weak against adults and cannot effect them as easily, however, the more they fear you, the more you can hurt them. Each adult would have a fear/sanity bar over their heads, you would use your powers to scare them enough so that you can suck them into your shadow dimension with the kids. The adults would be looking for ways to stop you. If they get the children to holy ground, you can’t get them any more and you lose, likewise, if they destroy the target area, you lose as well. In this case, they may try to set the field on fire, so you would have to do everything you can to keep them from doing so.

The game would progress through history, taking you to the Victorian era, the Old West, through prohibition, WWII, and eventually modern times. As the time progresses, the people would develop camera technology. At first, a photographer would be a rarity, but eventually, there will be security cameras in every building, and people will be taking and sending pictures with their camera phones. While a person may not see you with the naked eye, they will see you in any picture or video that captures you.

This means that while at first, adults were easy to avoid, they will become an increasing problem. When you are in that modern hospital, you’ll have to deal with the security staff that see you on their monitors, as well as anybody with a smartphone, and whoever follows them on Instagram. You will start spending more and more time stalking adults and keeping them away from the children and the various blocks they can put in your way. For instance, in the hospital, they could pull the fire alarm to get people to evacuate, use oxygen tanks to blow up rooms or start fires.

You would win when you get enough soul points. You lose if you don’t get enough in the allotted time, or all sources of soul points are protected from your attack. The more soul points you collect, the more powerful you would become, allowing you more attacks and special abilities. Capture a few children, and you can grow shadowy tentacles, get a few more, and you can teleport yourself or walk through walls, capture another couple, and you can start to mess with time and space, making doors open to the wrong rooms or slowing a room down.

Maybe I should talk to some of my programmer friends and see if we can’t make this one happen.